Recurring Nightmare

24 June 2019 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

So to set this story is simple. I’m 28 years old a truck driver and have some problems sleeping sometimes. But anyway, moving on, I have this weird reoccurring nightmare and while it’s not all the time it usually comes in 1-2 week spurts.

My dad passed back in 2007, which is a part of this story, but it actually begins in 2013. I left and went to Colorado to get my cdl (commercial drivers license). This nightmare always starts the same way and feels so real. I wake up and start my morning routine. Wake up, get up, and pull the curtain back over my windshield sit down, light a cigarette and crack a monster. But something catches my eye – it’s my dad sitting in the passenger seat. We talk, catch up and it’s awesome. But it doesn’t last long. He tells me that it’s ok to be tired and be done. I always reply with something along the lines of “nah I’m ok…you taught me to keep working” and he always replies with “that’s not what I mean…I can tell you’re tired and ready to give up” that’s where it turns. This thing is my dad or at least wearing him –  and basically telling me to walk away from my family.

I will leave certain details out just because it can trigger some people fighting depression. I’m hoping that by typing this out and maybe putting it out there will give me some type of relief.

If you’ve ever dealt with reoccurring nightmares I’d appreciate some input on how to stop it.


Submitted by Freddy to Weird darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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