Sleep Paralysis

02 September 2019 | Old hag, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My eldest daughter, who’s now 21 and doing fine, was having almost nightly episodes of sleep paralysis when she was 15. Before it started she’d been having a hard time at school, cutting classes and getting failing grades. The paralysis started after she decided to stop cutting class and take her school work more seriously. I had no idea it was happening until one day she asked me if it was normal to feel some one climb on your chest until you can’t move or breathe. I had her look up sleep paralysis or old hag and she told me it sounded like what she’d been experiencing except she hadn’t seen anyone because when it happened she was afraid to open her eyes. I told her until I could think of something to call on Jesus to help her, even if it’s just in her head, or the our father prayer.

Luckily about this time, I’d heard an ad for blessed medallions on Dave Schrader’s Darkness Radio show. I bought her a blessed st. Michael medal that had a crystal on the chain and told her to wear it at all times. Being 15 she wouldn’t wear it because of the crystal and was afraid if her friends saw it they’d think she was new age or something. In the mean time she was seeing a lady who would climb on her chest and she could even feel the woman’s breath on her face.

At that time I worked swing shift and would get home after midnight and go to bed about 1 or 2 in the morning. One night after work I was going to bed and noticed her light on and was going to turn it off, As I reached for the light switch she sat up suddenly and pleaded with me not to turn it off because she was seeing the old woman at the foot of her bed along with two children who were laughing at her and the woman kept telling her “just wait, I’ll Get you”. She felt the only reason they were holding off was because she was wearing the necklace. I saw nothing by the way.

Eventually she did turn things at school around and the sleep paralysis did stop. She still has and wears the necklace, Crystal and all, to this day.


Submitted by Robert Foster to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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