The Phantom Truck

03 September 2019 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I worked security at an army depot in eastern Oregon from 2003 to 2009. The base had been a munitions depot meaning they stored, processed, manufactured or shipped munitions all over the country until it came down on the base closure list under President Clinton. The munitions had been moved out and most of those operations had been stopped. The reason the base wasn’t totally shut down was because it also stored chemical weapons that couldn’t be moved and were to be destroyed on site. When I hired on the demilitarization or demil plant was being built. What occurred happened either 2005 or 2006 on a Saturday about 3 pm in the afternoon.

The day was a pleasant spring day. One of the duties I had for my patrol was to check the depot’s perimeter twice during the shift, once near the beginning and once t’ward the end. The perimeter was about 25 miles all the way around and I remember thinking that I’d check it then the guard shacks and get ready to go home. The roads were paved except for a small section that passed by unused ware houses except for two being used by the demil plant to store parts and the range security used for qualifying. As I made my way around this area and back on the main road I saw a mechanic’s truck in front of me about 50 yards ahead that I didn’t see previously. On the weekends there was no reason for it to be there as the government employees didn’t work and if the demil plant had sent someone out to their warehouse, they usually called our dispatch sergeant first and they drove little Chevy love trucks not trucks with tool compartments.

I called my dispatch and asked if they knew of anyone with the trucks description being in the area. When he came back with no, I told him where I was and that there were two individuals in it and was going to stop them. On this road there was nowhere to turn off, just sandy loose desert for about 3 miles. I turned on my red and blues and gave pursuit. I sped up and could not gain on this vehicle even though they did not seem to be going faster and seemed oblivious to my presence, I might add this truck looked “boxes” like a truck from the ‘80’s not new.

At one point during my pursuit I found myself doing 85 mph and still couldn’t get any closer to this truck. I backed off and we still maintained the same distance until they came to a paved road leading to the chemical plant. In the mean time, a sergeant and the shift Lt. had set up on this road about a 10th of a mile from the turnoff in a wedge formation with their vehicles. When this truck started to turn the corner it was like I’d Popped a bubble and was finally making head way. As the truck turned the corner, I lost sight of it as it passed a huge juniper Bush at that corner. I turned that corner thinking we had them and I was going to go off on the driver because, quite frankly, I was more than a little angry at their not stoping and had visions of ripping the driver out and putting him on the ground.

Imagine my surprise when I made that corner only to be met by the Lt. and sergeant looking as confused as I felt. This truck, which I was following and giving updates of location etc., had disappeared. I was perplexed and tried to explain what I’d seen and was told the only vehicle they’d seen come around the corner was me. My Lt. told me “ don’t worry, it happens sometimes out here.”

He later related to me that years ago, when he was a patrol officer at the base, that on night shift one night he’d chased a little red civilian vehicle with 4 people through the storage area where civilian vehicles were banned. He chased them down a road, and it came to a dip in the road. He briefly lost sight of it as it went down the dip. When he went down the dip that car had disappeared. There was nowhere for it to turn off and he didn’t see its headlights or any thing, it was just gone.

The place was haunted too, but that’s for another time.

Submitted by Robert Foster to Weird Darkness and my Haunted Life Too

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