Texas Horse Mutilation

04 November 2019 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

We lived south of Midlothian, Texas in the country. Some friends of ours bought some property near us planning to put a house on. In the meantime, though they put their horses on the land. We would go by their place and help keep an eye out for the horses. We often passed their place coming and going on our errands. One morning early we went by their place and saw one of their mares stretched out on the ground. It didn’t look right so we parked and entered the pasture through the locked gate we had a key to. As we got closer we were able to tell she was dead. It appeared she had dropped where she stood and there was no sign of a struggle and the ground wasn’t torn up around her. There were clumps of her mane lying around as if someone had pulled it out by the roots by the handfuls. A large circular area had been cut out to include the anus and vagina as if with a very sharp instrument. It was not ragged as though an anomalous had done this. And there was not a single drop of blood. The cut edges appeared to have been cauterized. No footprints were around her except her hoof prints leading to where she lay. We called the sheriff’s department and they sent a deputy out. He couldn’t figure it out either. He called a local vet who came to examine the body. We checked all over her and rolled the body over. No signs of any other injury or gunshot wound. And not a single drop of blood under the body where she had been laying. The deputy wrote no apparent cause of death in his report.

Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Brenda Victor

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