Tracks of Change

14 November 2019 | Alien Abduction, UFOs, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Hello to everyone and thank you very much for reading. This is my true story and the one that would mentally and physically change me forever.

It started on December 7th, 2017, approximately 8 pm in a small Ohio town called Tipp City. I was about to start a new job and was needing gas money to get myself to work, so I decided to walk to a town called Troy to borrow money from my uncle. I did have a 6 pack of beer that I started to drink on before the walk just to warm me up. I was watching the movie The Door’s and I decided to start walking after my 4th beer. I opened the door and put my Blu tooth wireless headphones on and started stepping. In my mind, I was going to walk the long way by taking the back roads until I came upon the train tracks and I then realized I can save lot’s of time by taking the tracks. So, I get walking down the tracks constantly looking behind me and around me then looking at my cell phone. My mom was calling me so I went to answer it and then it dies. So I’m thinking what happened cause my cell was at 40 percent when I left and all of a sudden it’s dead and will not come back on. So I said this is just great a long walk with no music while having a beer in my hand and one in my pocket!

At this point I am in complete darkness and the only thing ahead of me is lots of trees. I stop and light up a cigarette and I want to say at this time I have been walking for around 25 minutes. I then kept on pushing down the tracks when all of a sudden a bright light turned on approximately 20 ft above my head. At first I’m like okay a street light just turned on, but then another light turned on then another light turned on and it was in the shape of a triangle. I took a hit of my cigarette and said this is a UFO then tried to go for my cell then realized again it was dead, so no picture could be taken.

As I stand and observe this abject above me it makes no sound and then it starts flashing bright lights like a camera flash but repeatedly over and over and got faster and faster and then these gold Halo rings start coming out and filling up my entire body as the flashes continue. I then realized I couldn’t move and my face was getting closer to the light and right when my face touched the light I was out.

I had awoken on the ground not remembering anything at all – no light nothing. I then try to stand up but it’s not happening, I start getting scared because I feel paralyzed and numb. I said to myself what is going on and with all my strength I rolled over to find that my left arm is broke and blood is dripping cold off my nose and I said to myself, oh no I’m out in the middle of nowhere in complete darkness and I’m paralyzed with a dead phone. I then blacked out – I’m guessing from shock. I woke up again and still no strength and blacked back out. I then started hearing people screaming and yelling saying, “hello where are you.” I try with all my will to yell back but I blacked back out.

A guy had found me and said “I got him he’s over here.” About 20 people surrounded me and start asking me my name and where I lived and who was the president. I answered all the questions. They then brought over a stretcher and they all picked me up and it was the worst feeling of pain not one person in the world could ever imagine. I kept blacking in and out on the stretcher feeling the wheels hit every rock on the tracks. I finally get to road and get put on a helicopter (careflight) and strapped in and there’s a guy holding my hand and I ask him what happened to me he said ” You just got hit by a train” I said there’s no way and he said “Don’t talk just relax.”

I make it to Dayton hospital and they start working on me and tell me that my left arm is broke, my left clavicle is broke, fractures in C6 and C7 of my neck along with countless fractures and a collapsed left lung. The very next day after my surgery all my memories came flooding back. I started telling the nurses and Drs but they didn’t believe me except two of them. I did 4 days in the hospital and I walked out on my own.

Took about 6 months to be better and now I’m kinda back to normal. I made a Dr appointment about 2 months after accident because I felt this object in my left hand. She took x Ray’s of it and a day later call’s me back and surprisingly says there is a radio reflective object in your left hand that I want to get removed as soon as possible. I had told her I was done with surgeries. She tried hard to get me to get it removed. Now I have 2 bumps on my left hand thinking it could be tumors from the object in my hand, but I’m not going to get it removed because I believe they put that object in me to help me recover, may sound crazy but it’s how I feel about it.

After the accident I started seeing UFOs almost daily, disc’s, triangles and invisible ships shaped as a butterfly. Even got pics of a few. I also had the Black hawk helicopter above my house 2 times within 2 months this year. They will always follow me. I have shown everyone UFOs that hang around me long enough and I have turned them all into believers.

I’m not sure why they caused me to get hit by a train but I think they abducted me and placed me all the way down the tracks to where I should have been time wise, and I think they placed me back on the tracks as a walking vegetable. The two train operator’s said they seen me and blared the horn over and over again and again but I just kept walking aimlessly down the tracks then they hit me around 60 to 70 mph and threw me about 15 ft into a ditch.

I had to go to court because I got charged with trespassing on CSX property. The judge told me I was very lucky to be alive and if he catches me trespassing again it’s automatic 30 day’s in jail, so I have not been back to the area.

I don’t care what others think wether they believe me or not, I know the truth and another thing to mention is I’ve been seeing UFOs since I was 13. I also have tons of ghost stories but as of now this one tops them all. I share my story to tell all of you that these objects are very real and can seriously change your entire being.

Once again thank you so much for listening to me.

Submitted by Jesse Hereford

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