Something on the Roof

27 November 2019 | Audible Activity, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This experience happened in October, 21 years ago close to Halloween, when my oldest son was just 1 1/2 weeks old. I’m no longer with his mother but at the time she had a 1 year old son. We lived in a trailer close to the outer edge of town. It was around 9:30 pm and we had all the lights off with just the four of us sitting in the living room watching tv. All of a sudden we hear a loud thud on the roof coming from the master bedroom down the hall. Both of the kids start crying but not like they are hungry or needed a diaper change but like a tone of fear in their cries. We can both feel the fear in the pits of our stomachs. Whatever was on the roof slowly started walking toward the living with the heaviest footsteps I’ve ever heard in my life. We grab the kids very close to us not knowing what’s going on or if the whatever is on the roof is going to come crashing in through the roof. You can hear the footsteps getting louder THUD, THUD, THUD making whatever was outside sound like in was extremely huge and very heavy. The kids are still crying and their mother is asking what that is with terror in her voice and all I can say is I don’t know with worry in every once of my body. Just as the footsteps reach the living room where we are at it goes silent and the kids stop crying. Then not even a minute later there’s a knock on the front door and I go to answer it with caution. I slowly reach for the door handle and I hear my mother calling my name loudly with worry in her voice. I open the door and she rushes inside telling us she had the worst feeling ever and had to come over quickly to our house. I told her what happened and she started crying . We never heard anything else that night but needless to say we all slept in the living room together cuddled up on the floor.

The next morning, I went outside to look to see if I could find any sign of what was on the roof. There was nothing anyone could of climbed on or a ladder to get access to the top of the trailer. As I come around the back side, our neighbor who was an elderly woman called me over to her fence where she was standing just staring at our roof. She asked me if we heard anything strange last night on our roof. I told her what we experienced and the emotions we felt. She said she didn’t know what was on our roof but from what she saw it was very big dark looking type of creature. She said it started on the end where our bedroom was and walked towards the front.

Till this day we don’t what exactly it was that scares the crap out of us but we know it wasn’t good. Needless to say we didn’t stay there much longer because that wasn’t the only experience I had in the that trailer.

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Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Hilario Herrera

(Editor’s note: An almost identical experience happened to me when I was in my teens – here is my account)

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