Shadow People

30 January 2020 | Shadow people, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Okay, so I know that there is a shadow man but has anyone experienced shadow people?

This probably sounds super weird and I think it all started around my 13th birthday. I just got out of a really bad friend group and noticed these strange “beings”. I call them “the Beings” because I can’t tell if they’re man or monster.

Well, it was maybe a week after my 13 and I’d see a shadow that’s not mine when I’m in a room by myself. This was two years ago. Skip ahead two years and everything’s sooo much worse! I constantly feel as if I’m watched and I’m on edge. So much so that any loud, sudden noise and I’m a complete wreck. I don’t know if women are more prone to Beings but if so that would have nice to know. My parents won’t or can’t talk about the dead not resting but from what I’ve heard about my parents, they think it’s shenannigans. Until recently I thought so too. And now coming up on my 15th, I practically throw up when something scares me! I’m on edge, nervous and now all of my coworkers call me “Scaredy”. Maybe I’m just crazy but every second of every day feels like I’m being watched and my heart rate jumps at every sound.

Can I do something about this? I’ve been told by some “psychics” I have people still “stuck” on me. But they’re probably just in it for the money. Has anyone else experienced this too?

Submitted by Devil’s Daughter to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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