Evil InTow

17 February 2020 | Demons, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Back in the mid 90s, I use to hangout at a corner bar being depressed and drinking alone. I met a really nice man (I thought) and we started playing pool and having a good time. I decided to ask him if he want a bump of coke. He was much too happy to accept. We drank till we shut the place down.

At closing time, he need a ride to his home. I thought little about it as we drove to his house. He told me to pull over by an empty field. At first, I assumed we needed to turn around. I knew something was wrong as he started asking me if I believe in Christ. I told him I did. I dare not to look at him as he begin to raise his voice, DO YOU BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST! DO YOU BELIEVE HE WILL SAVE YOU!! At this point, I am looking straight ahead with tears staring to run down my face. I tell him yes I do, I do, I do. He had something in his hand (maybe a blade or gun). I could not move..

Just then he open the door to the vehicle and like that – he was gone.. I could not understand where he could have gone… this was an open field there was nothing he just vanished.

I started the engine to my car and got out of there fast… I never went back to the bar too afraid.. I guess at the time I did not care about anything but evil will find you if you are not careful.. I never told any of my friends this story I guess it was a bit too weird.. the greatest trick the devil did was to convince the world he doesn’t exist…

Submitted by Ray to Weird Darkness and My Hauntedlifetoo

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