The Dark Karmic Circle

13 May 2020 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I had a friend that I lost touch with. Mainly because in the past he did not always have good intentions towards me. It’s been years since I had seen him. All of a sudden I started to have dreams of him. At least four in a few months. I saw other signs and synchronicities of him as well. This last dream that I had felt like a warning he did not seem to be doing good. I reached out and he seemed different as if he had changed ,and he commented on how we had a lot in common. We had plans to meet a few days after talking.

The night before we were going to meet, I had a dream he was into some kind of dark magic and someone was trying to warn me. I had this bad feeling in the pit of my stomach and something felt off. I asked God and spirit team for a sign and all of a sudden on my phone, a psychic reading from YouTube pulled up. It literally described this person exactly. It mentioned that this man was involved with dark magic and when she said dark magic, Alastair Crowley popped in my head. He was known as the the most wickedest man alive and he was into dark magic. This psychic warned me that this man has very bad intentions against me and was plotting against me with possible help from a woman and was setting me up. She said that God would intervene and the attempts would be stopped. I didn’t even know what to think but all of this felt very real!

Sure enough later that night he cancelled the plans. Just like the psychic said his attempts would be stopped. I had to know though, I wanted more information and sure enough when I reached out to him he said he felt blocked as if something stopped him from seeing me. That is all the confirmation that I needed.

Later that night I had chest pains that I never felt in my life before. It happened several times! It felt like a psychic attack. So I cut ties with this person as well as called on my spirit team to help me remove any cords or attachments from this person. I guess it’s true what they say that it’s never really a stranger that has it out for you it’s usually an insider. I just was having a hard time trying to figure out why would he want to hurt me? I never did anything to him. I kept asking myself this question and all of a sudden a video popped up that said why this person hurt you and what is their karma for it! This was a different reader than last time. She said this was a fated union but karmic. This was suppose to be a healing situation, but this man was not in a good place. He has lower and negative energies around him. She affirmed all of his dark intentions towards me and confirmed how it was stopped. She even said how I broke the bond we were in by walking away.

His karma is that he would get everything back that he has done to me ten fold, she went into explicit detail it was not pretty. I am just glad that God watches over me as well as my spirit team. Actually in one reading a psychic said that my spirit team was gangster and not putting up with anymore attempts from others trying to harm me. I believe it! They are not playing around!

Submitted to weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Kelly Maida

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