Strange Midnight Lights

21 May 2020 | UFOs, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

It was July 1984. I was driving from a friends house around 1:00 am. My friend lived the country and I was the only car on the road at the time. For perspective, I live in a rural small Farm town of 2, 000 people. Most friends live in the country so it’s not unusual to hang out and then leave late driving the county line road to town. Which I lived in.

So as I was driving, I could see red lights way in the distance by where I need to turn to head home. I was probably a couple miles away but I saw red multi flashing lights off to the side of the road.  I was headed straight to it and figured it was a bad wreck with fire and police at the site. This corner is notorious for accidents.  I’m getting closer and now I’m probably 1/4 mile away. Still very bright flashing red lights off in the field. I slowly got to the corner where I needed to turn and didn’t see any fire trucks or police. NOTHING BUT SOMETHING WAS IN THE BEAN FIELD!

I was still. The only car alone on this dark country road. So I just stopped on the road in the intersection and watched IT in the field. I was actually in shock I think, because I didn’t freak out ( yet) and was more curious but in awe of the object in the field. In the field only 20-30 yards from me was this craft or thing all lit up with multiple bright red flashing lights. All flashing crazy like. The object was shaped very oddly. To describe it, imagine a bowl. Imagine the bowl with tons of red flashing lites going crazy. But imagine 2 long arms jutting out from the top edge on both side of the bowl. Kinda looked like a referee when raising his arms for a touchdown but spread out wide. So these 2 arms also had red flashing lites but only a single row going up on either side. Now imagine this bowl shaped object with 2 arms and crazy flashing red lights going nuts. In between the arms was just black. The area above the top of bowl and in between the arms. Jet black. Nothing. So I’m sitting here at least 5 minutes. No movement other than flashing lights. No sound. It was a Clear night. No rain or fog.

I’m sitting here in my car. Just perplexed what the hell this is. It’s huge. I’d say guessing about the size of a rental truck.

I’m watching this thing, all lights still flashing red. The bowl was red and flashing. SUDDENLY to my shock. Two HUGE RED LITES just appeared in the jet black area between the two arms and right at the top of the bowl. They were super bright solid red lights. Both equally spaced. Hovering in the middle while all the other lights keep flashing like crazy. So picture this bowl with 2 arms flashing with 2 huge red solid lights in the middle. BOOM, they both start to slowly move up towards the top of the height of the arms. So I’m freaking out now. I watched in total panic and fear now of this thing having movement. No sound still. When the 2 huge solid red lights got to the height even with the arms, the thing was absolutely insane. Multiple flashing red lights and solid red lights and then…..

Everything just went black! ALL LIGHTS WENT OUT. BLACK AS NIGHT. I was scared now even more because I didn’t know if it was moving or what. So I did what any 24 year old would do. I floored my 77 T bird with a 400 v8 to the floor. I flew home, probably 5 miles from this spot. I got home, woke up my brother who was sharing an apartment at the time. I was literally shaking and I think in shock. I told him what happened. He said let’s go back. I said hell no!! But he said we got to go right now.  It’s like 1:30 am or so and we get in his car because I was too shook up. We drive to the spot. No lights – nothing. I was glad but my brother was not.

In the morning I actually called the county sheriff department to ask if they got any calls on strange lights or anything last night. They said no. Was there any wrecks in the area or fire trucks? Nope. So then my brother and I went to the area around noon time. The area where it was is in a bean field. It’s probably 2 ft high. We wanted to go into the field but around here you never want to go in fields with crops until you ask the farmers. So we did just that. We went to the farmers house which was probably 1/8 of a mile away. I knocked on his door. An old guy opened it and just kinda looked at these two young “ city” boys. I asked if if it is ok if we walk the field. He asked why. I then told him my encounter. He kinda laughed and said he’s seen strange lights in the same area before. Never had nerve to check it out when they saw them. So I kinda felt like I wasn’t crazy because he also saw strange lights.  Anyway we went to the area I saw IT. We walked the field for 15 mins. No signs of bent or broken bean plants. No weird dead plants. Nothing. So that was disappointing for sure. I hoped to prove I wasn’t crazy.

I never told this story to anyone but my wife for over 20 years. This story is true. I can see it now like it was last week. I wasn’t drinking or high. Just driving home and saw these lights.

Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Terry Connor.

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