Phone Call from my Dead Dad

05 June 2020 | Phone Calls from the dead, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I keep an eye on Reddit for good stories and so on. This one caught my eye largely because it was the subject of a book I wrote a few years ago. The book was called Ghosts in the Machines and it covered the telephone call from a dead relative type experience….. This story is a super example of exactly that type of experience….


Hey everyone, this story happened quite a while ago and I thought it would be worth sharing on this board as it is one of the creepiest things I have ever experienced.

To start I have to give a brief background. My Dad passed away in 2016 when I was 14. Okay, my dad had this Samsung phone and it was super cool to me being younger. So, when he died I was given the phone. I took the sim card out and hid it in my bedroom drawer and no one knew where it was. A couple days after he died I was out at the park on my own killing time before my guitar lesson. Anyway, i’m messing around on the phone when I get a call. “Dad” it says on the screen. I literally froze, I was so confused about it. I answered the call and i heard heavy breathing and static. This went on for like 10 seconds then the call ended. I was so frightened and confused that I called my guitar teacher and cancelled the lesson.

I practically sprinted home to see if someone had taken the sim card and tried to play a sick joke. The sim card was still in my room and the only other people that lived with me were my sisters and my Grandma, but they all went out before I did and still were not home. Also, we had not yet told his network provider he had died so there is no way the number had been given out to someone else, even if it had…how would they have my number?

Anyway, my sisters come home and I tell them what happened. My youngest sister tells me she got the exact same call. We showed each other our call logs and there it was “Dad” in the logs. We both got the same call just a few minutes apart.

All in all this is the spookiest thing I’ve ever experienced and is something I have never been able to explain. I hope you found this interesting.

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