Mum’s Morgue Horror Stories

20 June 2020 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My mum Is a paramedic, been in the NHS for 30+ years, a well known member of staff. And like her reputation. She is known for her fair share of ghost stories about the old morgue in north west england (not being specific for privacy reasons), which has now been torn down with the rest of the hospital and has a housing estate on it. Her most freaky one has to be when they dropped an expired patient at the morgue.

This happened back in the 90s, when the hospital was still used. They had been in the morgue, handing over an expired patient. This next bit of info is important to the story. The ambulance bay was a concrete garage, with one tiny dim light inside and was directly opposite the morgue/mortuary. The ambulance needed a KEY to lock all the doors.

Mum and her colleague walked out of the morgue, chatting away like you normally do when her colleague stopped dead and stared into the ambulance bay. There, in the far corner, BEHIND the dim light was a dark figure standing. Now another bit of info is that this was at night. They brushed it off as just an object at the back of the bay after it didn’t move and the light made it difficult to see. They made their way to the ambulance thinking nothing of it and got in, using the KEY to unlock it. Mum put the key in the ignition but didn’t turn the engine on as they had to fill the rest of the paperwork out. While they were filling paperwork out, the ambulance doors suddenly locked. All of them. From the outside. They froze, looked at each other, then looked up in front of them. As they looked up, both their eyes locked onto the door of the morgue which they had watch swing open, and another figure walk silently out of and began to walk straight for the ambulance. In my mum’s words, they bricked it. Starting to freak out as this thing got closer. They couldn’t get out of the ambulance due to it being locked from the outside. Their only choice was to drive off. As they did. The figure vanished in thin air, and the morgue door? Still wide open.

Oh but couldn’t they just go back to their station? Well. That hospital was their ambulance station. They refused to go back until it was bright outside. Mum recalls them coming back in the morning, and her colleagues describing her being sheet white. And they were the same after mum told them the story. They all refused to park there after that. Or even avoid going to that morgue if possible.

Who ever lives on that site now, I feel so so sooo sorry for you.

She has many more ghost stories. Heck some of them even are quite amusing, they genuinely are as its mixed with my mum’s dark sarcasm. I’ll definately share them if you guys are down for that? Generally ghost stuff doesn’t bother her but this did.

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