Slaughterhouse Canyon

05 August 2020 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

We went on a tour of the western states for our honeymoon, on an impromptu Jeep camping trip. We mostly explored National Parks and historic sites. While we were in the state of Arizona visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time, my wife and I decided to research other attractions in Arizona. I found a list of haunted places in the state, and Slaughterhouse Canyon popped up near the top.

The legend goes that a family homesteaded in the canyon many years ago. The father was a prospector and hunter who would leave and be gone for weeks at a time, looking for gold and wild game. One time, however, he failed to return. The children slowly began to starve, and their screams for food began to drive the mother insane. Finally she lost her mind completely and killed her children and chopped them up into pieces before killing herself.

We decided to go drive down the canyon road and check it out. We arrived in Kingman, Arizona and drove out to the edge of town. There is a housing development at the beginning but the road quickly turned to gravel. We could see a truck ahead of us which pulled out into a sandy wash. We continued on down the road and saw an old shack painted with graffiti. The air felt electrically charged and in spite of myself I felt a chill run down my spine. We continued driving further down the road. Up ahead we saw a cluster of old buildings. It looked deserted but I could feel something strange in the air, like it was not deserted and someone was watching us. We decided to turn around and go back. As we drove back up the road there was an older gentleman walking his dog in the wash by the truck we had passed earlier, and he waved at us. It still didn’t seem like a good place to linger.

I cant really explain the feeling of the place but even in broad daylight it felt ominous and there was kind of a The Hills Have Eyes kinda vibe in the air. If you are in the area and want a spooky adventure, you can check out Slaughterhouse Canyon but go at your own risk. It is not a place to spend a long time or camp at that’s for sure.


Submitted by Weird Wanderer to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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