It Followed us on Our School Trip!

21 September 2020 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I was on a residential trip in year 3 and we only slept there for one night. All the girls were in one big room and all the boys were in one big room. We were at Tatton Hall and it was time to go to sleep, so all the girls settled down and went to bed.

There were bunk beds and I was on the top bunk as well as my friend, Taylor, who slept right next to a small window which was a frosted window. In the morning we all woke up and looked out the window. There, looking straight into the room, was a man who wore a top hat and a suit. Because it was a frosted window it looked like the man had no face, but we could have been wrong? Ever since that day, we kept thinking about that man, was he going to follow us, was it just our imagination or were we just hallucinating.

The next year of our residential trip in year 4, we went to Malham and we had the best time. However, on our second night there, (there were 4 girls in each room and 5 boys in each room because there were more boys) in my room I heard a thud (I didn’t know if my friends did or not but they were still asleep) and I woke up to find the exact same man sitting at the end of my bed! My friend said the same thing that it was in her room and that it was sitting on the ladders to the top bunk staring at my other friends’ bed.

Today I did some research and realised it might be slender man.

Now that I am in year 5, I am afraid of what might happen on my next residential trip. I will keep you updated…Somehow

Submitted by Arienne

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