Houska Castle and the Gates To Hell?

05 January 2021 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Sometimes the activities I am involved with come together in strange ways. I manage this site and have a strong interest in the paranormal. I also have a podcast called the Magical world of G. Michael Vasey (same name as my blog) where I interview magickal people and/or discuss paranormal subjects. I also love to dowse and track earth energies. So all three activities came together last year when I visited Houska Castle again with my son and daughter. Houska is known worldwide as guarding the Gates of Hell and is associated with all manner of strange paranormal phenomena.  A reputation it has built up over the years around a story that appears to have been repeated and embellished with each telling and retelling. It now provides the owners of the castle some income as streams of tourists visit the castle and, its rather tacky exhibits. As I myself wrote in The Czech Republic – The Most Haunted Country in the World.

Over 1000-years ago, much of the Czech countryside would have been dense forest. In the Houska area, those forests would have been dark, gloomy, damp, and eerie as the area is famous for its sandstone formations known as ‘Skaly’. The sandstone in the area erodes out into block-like formations that jut out ominously in many locations, creating an eerie but beautiful landscape. Millennia ago, this landscape would have been like an alien world for the sparse populace in which the imagination would and could run riot! There were few settlements and fewer people who still clung to many pagan beliefs about woodland spirits, demons and ghosts. Not surprisingly, the area developed an evil reputation. Demons and half-human monsters were said to roam the deeply incised, tree-covered valleys, seeking human and animal victims and warm blood……

I took my dowsing rods on this particular trip and discovered some intriguing things about how energy was blocked at the site. This led me to wonder…… was the blocked energy the whole issue? In disturbing the natural earth energies, had the Castle builders unwittingly built a gate to hell?

You can listen to the entire story via my podcast and read about how I came to this conclusion via my latest book – Chasing Dragons in Moravia.

Meanwhile, here are some videos I took of the Gates to Hell.




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