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15 February 2021 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

When I and my Best friend Beth were teenagers, we had a very tight group of friends. We spent every free moment with them getting into harmless mischief and gaming and going to renaissance festivals. They became our surrogate family. No one was a misfit or ever left out.

Well while hanging with this group I met Lenny. He was blonde-haired and blue-eyed and his hair was long and he would braid it and he wore glasses and to my teenage eyes, he was sheer perfection. Beth had grown up with him and he was her brother from another mother so thankfully she didn’t look at him the way I did. I was smitten. Well, it didn’t take too long for him to start talking to me and I was floored. HE was interested in ME!/!?!?!? I was overweight and nothing at all to look at. Soon we started “dating” if that’s what u wanna call teenage puppy love.

I was on cloud nine!!!! Proud and felt on top of the world!!!! We “dated” for a while and thankfully I was driving and working at a multimedia store so I could see him whenever I wanted. Then one day something happened and after all this time I don’t even remember what started the series of events but we broke up. I was devastated. We all remained friends and he even got a job with the traveling carnival cause he was ready to try and make something of his life, so we went to the county fair to see him and wish him well and Beth and Lenny went on the Flying Bobs. They had a blast and the smile on their faces was priceless. It was a precious moment in time. There no hard feelings over our breakup and when the fair ended he left with them.

A couple of weeks later we were all summoned to our mutual friend’s house. We knew it was bad news but had no idea how bad it was. I and Beth sat down with our mutual friend and her sister and a few of our other friends and we were all murmuring our hellos to each other. Finally our friend’s mother Dhana comes out and sits with us, and in the most delicate and tearful way, explained to us that Lenny had died. We all started screaming and crying and asking her how and what happened and were holding each other trying to wrap our heads around this. Once we had calmed slightly, she began to explain that a truck driver who had either fallen asleep at the wheel or had been drinking had run the van with Lenny and 4 other fair workers off the road and over a cliff. The van exploded and all the remains had to be identified using dental records. We began the hysterics again screaming and crying and rocking back and forth while Dhana tried to comfort as many of us as she could. She naturally said that everyone was to stay at her house that night to be together and grieve so none of us were alone with the weight of the news that first night.

The funeral was hard as it was a closed casket and I just remember my friends supporting me and each other through the services. It wasn’t until after the services we had learned that Lenny’s family did not have enough money to get him a headstone. Now my best friend had always been special. She always felt the presence of her grandfather with her and he would communicate with her in her dreams. Apparently, she and Lenny were so close that he decided to hang around for a bit too. Beth always said she could feel his presence and knew when he was around.

Fast forward 5 years. Every year on the anniversary of Lenny’s death we would always go visit his gravesite. On his 5th anniversary, we went to his grave, and there we saw the most beautiful black marble headstone with his picture engraved in it with his signature pigtail braids. Beth and I immediately broke down into tears at the sight of it and it was such a beautiful moment. Beth had taken a few pictures of it because it was really that stunning. She got the picture developed and put it in a frame on top of her tv in her room and one day we were talking about Lenny and the headstone and the good times we used to have when suddenly the frame with the picture of his headstone comes FLYING off the tv!!! We looked at each other and chalked it up to the wind that blew it off so we closed all the windows and put the picture back and went back to our conversation about Lenny. As we are sitting there the picture comes flying off the tv again even FARTHER than the first time!!!!! Beth says “dammit Lenny that’s not funny you know how to communicate with me and this is not IT!!!!” Then we hear her name called three times in LENNY’S VOICE followed by his infectious laughter as it drifted off. To this day she still gets visits from him and he still keeps breaking the rules just like he did in life.

My best friend Beth has had a few more losses in life since then and they all come back and talk to her when they need to. Even my own mother, which is how Beth got the nickname New Age Catholic as she was raised catholic but is also psychically gifted as well.


Submitted by Jessica Craig to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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