The Ouija Board

22 February 2021 | Ouija, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Growing up, my mother and her friends would often play the ouija board. I grew used to watching them play on the hot summer days when we kids were locked outside. However, one day, much to my surprise, my mother let me join in.

The next day my girl scout troop was going to Washington D.C. and my entire family was going. Well,  when we did the ouija board, it began warning us about the trip. It said that something horrible was going to happen and that we shouldn’t go. We ignored the warning and the next morning began experiencing strange things. I unplugged my night light and an hour later it was plugged back in. My parents claimed that I was lying when I said I had unplugged it. Then on the way to Washington D.C., the axle on the bus broke, and even after boarding a new bus, we had a bit of engine trouble. However, we finally made it to Washington D.C. and our first stop was a really old art museum. We were told we could go off with our families and explore.

Well, my mom and dad and I were checking out a painting when we discovered that my little brother was missing. He had wandered off and when we turned around he was standing in front of another painting but right there standing close behind him was an eerie-looking man who I swear to God looked like a real-life vampire. I can still remember how pale his skin was and that he was dressed all in black. He was hovering over my brother and looked like he was about to grab a hold of him when my parents both screamed my brother’s name. The moment we did that my brother came running towards us and that strange man seemed to vanish.

What was freaky was that for the rest of the day my brother was ill. My parents were completely freaked out and even my dad who didn’t believe in the supernatural became a believer. It was the freakiest thing that has ever happened to my family.


Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Destiny Pfifer

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