A Case of the Creepy Mimickers?

30 April 2021 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

In a browse of some creepy stories on Reddit, I came across this by user u/tarantidow and it rang many bells for me… so many stories posted by you all that resonate with what this person calls a mimicker! What do you all think??? (Lightly edited by me)…

Hello everyone. I know that many people may not believe in the paranormal and/or supernatural and I respect that. For those who don’t believe in the paranormal or supernatural, just enjoy my posts as a sort of “story time” as I am not here to try and convince anyone that the experiences I have had have been and continue to be real. I am posting to share my experiences and in this case to see if anyone else has experienced the same thing or something similar.

With that out of the way, I was wondering if anyone else on this thread has experienced what I have dubbed “Mimickers”. I have (and other people in this house, both those that live here and those that have visited) have experienced this here (though this is not the first location I have experienced this sort of thing, nor was I the only one to experience Mimicker activity at another place I lived at).

Before going into examples, I would like to say that my husband, daughter, and I have lived in this house for about 16 years. It was built in 1915 and while the previous owner did die, he did not die in the house (he passed from old age). As far as I know, nothing nefarious has ever happened on this property or in the house itself. I also do not believe our house is “haunted” in the sense of a presence that also occupies the space with us, though we do get a lot of random activity throughout the year (usually sometime in early Spring for about a month and then sometime in Fall for about a month, and no, there is no set time or schedule for the shenanigans which includes the mimicking).

So, here are some examples of Mimicking behavior (some instances have been when I was just home and other instances have occurred while someone else was here with me, in the same room mind you, and that person may have been a family member or a friend visiting).

1- When my daughter was in school (she no longer is), footsteps could be heard pacing around as if she was dancing from her room (her room is right above our living room) and she could be heard vocalizing happily (she is non-verbal-autistic and sometimes would just have some random “happy dance party time” in her room). This has happened with just me home and with others in the home.

2- I and a friend of mine were in the kitchen one time (which is at the back of the house) when we both heard the front door open, heavy boot-steps enter (there is tile in front of the front door area), and another friend announces herself loudly. My friend in the kitchen and I looked at each other surprised because even though I used to have an open-door policy (I rarely locked the doors back then and if I knew someone was coming over I didn’t bother with the locks) I wasn’t expecting company. Also, this particular visiting friend (we could hear her footsteps walking towards the kitchen, though they never made it very far past the tile in front of the front doorway) was not known for arriving unannounced. We both went to go greet her and…well you probably have guessed that she was not there. And the doors were locked (again I did lock up the doors, just not often at that point in time).

3- This example comes from a house I lived in as a teenager (it was a two-level house that was split into two units, we lived in the upstairs unit). One day I was home alone (I was 18 at the time, so many moons ago) and I heard the front door open (I was near the kitchen which is opposite to the staircase that leads down to the front door). I then heard my brother (age 15) enter and announce himself loudly doing his Beavis (from Beavis and Butthead) voice (he was really into them at the time). I heard him loudly tromp up the stairs (as was his way) and decided to greet him by telling him to knock it off (I can’t stand Beavis and Butthead…I hope this does not offend any fans, those two are just not my cup of tea). As you can guess…no brother. No one in the house saves me (and the door was locked because my mother had it drilled into us to always have it locked). Now the odd thing about this example is that about a half of an hour or so later, he did come home and everything I just described happened in exact form so I don’t know if this is Mimicker activity or some sort of clairvoyance (which is not a strong skill I have, and yes I believe in psychic phenomena and such, though that is a whole other topic and one that I will not spend time defending against those that do not believe in such things, as everyone has their own opinion and experiences and I respect that).

So, has anyone else dealt with these sorts of things? These incidents can be a one-timer deal (like the Mimicking Brother…though the Mimicker in that house also mimicked other family members who were not home or were not awake). They can also be reoccurring and even consecutive occurrences (such as the example with my daughter in our current house, we had one streak where we could hear “her” dancing away and vocalizing happily for a few days straight, though not at the same time each incident).

If you have experienced this sort of thing, would you mind sharing?

Also, is there an actual term for this sort of activity?

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