Peripheral People / Garbage Bag Shape Shifters / Black Eyed Kids?

05 November 2021 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Hi there!
My name is Meaghan and I live in rural Nova Scotia, Canada. I was recently listening to you on Jim Harold’s Paranormal Podcast, about peripheral people, which had synchronistic timing with my recent experience.. That episode was extra spooky for me because I happened to be traveling on a dark night in a rural area at 3am in Shag Harbor (known for a famous UFO crash). I was on my way to meet a woman who had traveled from across the province with both of our newly adopted puppies. Not only was I completely gob smacked that your explanation of peripheral people so perfectly described a recent experience I had, but I also kept getting sent down spooky dead end streets in the middle of nowhere by my maps app.

The event happened sometime this past summer. I was living alone at the time (with my kids). I live in a small village on a main rural route highway. It was around 11:00pm and my kids were finally in bed after a very trying evening, and I was exhausted and had just gratefully crawled into bed. Unfortunately I was having a tough time falling asleep because for no apparent reason I was uneasy, nervous and spooked that night. The night was oddly quiet. No wind, trees rustling or traffic. Then I heard what sounded like the ambling footsteps and chit chat of a couple of young girls. Walking down the street (I live very close to the road). By the sounds of it, they seemed to be lingering in front of my house for an oddly long time. I thought it odd that kids should be out on a school night after 11:00, and it bothered me that they were hanging out in front of my house. I got up to look out of my hallway window (on the second level) which faces the road. I wanted to see if I could recognize the girls so I could let their parents know they were out and about.

As soon as I looked out the window the noises stopped completely and there were no girls to be seen. What I did see across the road were two garbage bags. One white and one black. I stood there for some time just pondering why those should be there… I didn’t remember putting garbage there (It’s not my normal spot nor was it garbage day), and my neighbors don’t put garbage there either. As I’m staring and pondering the garbage bags began to transform before my eyes. But when I say transform, they didn’t morph… I couldn’t see the shape actually changing bit by bit… it was more like a very fluid transformation, one moment they were garbage bags and the next they were crouching kids with hoodies on, one black one white, crouching down low and seemingly looking at the ground. I stood watching in disbelief as they very slowly and again almost fluidly, rose to their feet, standing shoulder to shoulder, staring straight ahead across the road as my house.

At this point I was truly in denial about what I had seen, because I was not wondering why I had just seen garbage bags transform into kids! I was thinking, why aren’t they looking around, why are they just staring straight ahead like that? And I wondered if they had some friends maybe getting up to no good on my property. So I want to peek out of another window overlooking the back yard and saw nothing. Then I heard the noises again, chit chat of girls and ambling footsteps continuing on down the road. I was returning to look again at the two hooded girls, but by the time I made it back to the window they were nowhere to be seen.

I crawled back into bed and oddly enough, I was completely prepared to forget it and go to sleep. How strange is that?! I wasn’t even thinking about the strangeness of what I had just seen… and honestly it didn’t even occur to me to ponder it or mention it to anyone until months later. Anyhow, almost as soon as I get under the covers I hear this insanely loud electronic dance music coming from the neighbor’s house. I peer out my bedroom window and notice there are crazy strobe lights and disco lights just blaring in the neighbors house with the music. Now, these neighbors don’t make a peep! If I hadn’t seen them let their dog out from time to time I wouldn’t even know that anyone lived there. They certainly don’t party. The lights and music went on for exactly one song and stopped… just like that. Done.

That was the end of my experience. Were they black eyed kids? I don’t know.. I did not see the eyes of the kids because they had hoods on and I was looking down from my upstairs window. They didn’t look up at me… or anywhere but straight ahead at my house. The house with the music and lights was across the street and in the same direction they were walking.. so my guess is that, whatever these entities were, they were pondering coming into my house and decided against it, and they decided on the neighbor’s house instead.

Of course I can’t ask my neighbors about this… but I will say that I wondered about the possible energetic attractiveness of their home verses mine. I don’t want to judge but their yard is always full of junk, and there seems to be a general unpleasantness about the place and the folks who live there.

Upon recalling this story, I remembered once about a year ago while walking my dog at night, I noticed a seemingly empty house in the village with really strange strobe lights going on inside. It spooked me so much that I filmed it as I walked by and I still have that video on my phone. I wonder if these peripheral people or black eyed kids if that’s what they are just kind of haunt my neighborhood? Whatever they are, I don’t think they are good. And I hope I don’t see them again.

PS, not long after that experience those neighbor’s dog came into my yard at about the same time of night as that experience (11 ish) and brutalized and killed our cat.

So you can see how my experience contains so many elements that you described in that podcast about peripheral people, the timing is curious and I was simultaneously spooked and surprised while listening and to be honest quite relieved because I can now place this experience in a category.

Submitted by Meaghan

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