Could Your School Be Haunted? An Experience of the Paranormal From A Teacher

27 July 2016 | Creepy places, Haunted houses, Haunted locations, Your Stories

Ever since I qualified as a teacher I have been had some very interesting paranormal experiences inside school buildings. One building was reputed to be haunted by quite a few ghosts and there were a lot of cold spots—especially in the gym where a murder was said to have taken place. However, the story I am submitting today is rather strange.

In this particular school, we usually had twenty to thirty students per class. My classroom that day was quite spacious for us and on my left were the door and narrow window. I had a few jokers in this class that day that kept on annoying each other, so while I was writing on the board, I was keeping an eye on their reflections, too. At first, I was staring straight at them, and then suddenly, something caught my eye. Outside the window, a boy around ten years old passed. I only saw his head, but wasn’t able to see his facial features properly. I stared at him because I thought that he is the son of one of one of my colleagues who sometimes allowed him to accompany her to work. Suddenly, he disappeared before reaching the door. I immediately excused myself from the class and went out to check if I’m just imagining that the boy disappeared. I looked around the corridor, but there was nobody there. Then, it hit me that there’s only one class in that area except mine. I went to the other classroom to ask if they saw a boy running around and check if there’s someone around that height. When I arrived there, they said that they hadn’t seen anyone since the bell rang. I shrugged it off and went back to my class.

After that class had ended I’d almost forgotten about the incident. I went to my second class. My second classroom is located in the fourth floor of the main building. Visitors on that floor can feel a very heavy and suffocating feeling. They don’t turn on the lights in that area and there are minimal windows which makes it scarier. There is one room on that floor that always catches my attention. I don’t know why, but every time I pass there, I feel like someone is sitting by the door staring at me as I pass by.

The classroom I was using on that floor is very comfortable, and bright. I had a class of around twenty-five there. After finishing my lesson, we had a very fun conversation. Suddenly, they became quiet and that’s when I heard a small child singing. It sounds like a girl. I asked my students if they heard it, but everyone said they did not. Again, curiosity got the best of me, so I went out to check, but all I saw was the darkness of the hallway. There was simply nobody there to be seen.


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