The Other Side Is Trying To Communicate With Me

25 November 2016 | Haunted houses, Phone Calls from the dead, Your Stories

It was around 11 PM and we were getting ready for bed. We turned off all the lights and turned off our cell phones. Just as we were drifting off to sleep my phone rang. I picked up my phone and noticed that the caller ID said “John.” I just thought my husband, John, was messing around. I turned and asked him why he was calling me. He just replied that he wasn’t. He picked up his phone and showed me that it was turned off.

On a few occasions, I would leave my laptop on at night and let it rest in sleep mode. Both my husband and I sleep lightly so we would wake at the slightest sound, or crack of light. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and being blinded by light. Once my eyes adjusted to the light I saw that my laptop was no longer sleeping—and the lid had been opened. Something strange was happening. After this my computer, would malfunction all the time. My mouse wouldn’t work, my printer wouldn’t connect and the internet would drop off all the time.

One night I was taking a shower. I stepped out to dry myself and saw that someone had written “HELLO” in the mist that covered the mirror with their fingers.

Some very strange things have been going on in our house—I don’t think it’s anything dangerous, but I do think someone is trying to get in touch with me. What do you think?

Gemma Jenkins, Cedar Hill, Texas

PS – Have you read Ghosts in the Machines? How the Other side uses technology to communicate

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