The Ghostly Girl Who wanted To Play

07 December 2016 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This story took place in London, Ontario about twenty years ago. I was staying with my parents at a close family friends’ house. Our vacation was going well until one night I was woken up by something tapping on my shoulder. Fast taps in rhythm. I tend to be a deep sleeper, but these taps woke me straight up. I turned over and switched on the light. Nothing was there. I turned the light off and lay on my back. About a minute later the taps started again. But faster than before. I turned the light on again and could see nothing. I was getting scared by this point and didn’t want to turn the light off. Eventually I settled down and turned it off and the tapping started again. I was hysterical at this point. But turned the light on and kept my hand on the cable that switched it on and off. As soon as I switched it off the light the tapping started again. In the end, I slept with the light on for the rest of our stay.

The following year we stayed there again. I’d almost forgotten about my experience and was settling down to sleep one night when I heard giggling from the wardrobe. I got out of bed, went over the wardrobe and opened the door. Nothing was there. I went back to bed, switched the light on and the tapping started again—followed by the giggling. This went on throughout the first night of our stay. I was getting very little sleep and felt awful. The second night I kept the light on and went to sleep—but woke up later that night to the tapping. The light had been switched off. I flipped the switch and the light wouldn’t switch on. I called for my parents who came, turned the light on, and told me to stop making a fuss—I was having a bad dream.

The third night I walked into the room in which I was sleeping and saw the shape of a person under the covers. I could make the shape of the body out lying under the covers. I stood with my mouth open as the shape “deflated” and left the bed empty. I slept with my parents that night. They couldn’t understand why I was so afraid.

The following day I went into my room to pick up a bed and saw a small girl sitting in a chair by the window. When I tried to say something, she turned and faded away. I started to wonder who this girl was. She was obviously trying to contact me. After I saw her, I wasn’t as scared as I had been—but things kept happening. I heard crying in the night, footsteps, giggles, and the tapping kept taking place sporadically.

To this very day I still wonder who that girl was—and what she wanted to tell me.

Has anyone else had an experience like this?

Submitted by Jan Siegler

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