The Yellow Ghost That Spoke To Us

20 December 2016 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Ever since I met my husband, I would spend a lot of time at his parents’ house and even spent the night there before we were married. That’s when I realized that this house, only a few years old was haunted. There have been many incidents that have taken place there. For example, I would wake up many nights to whispers in my ear and even felt someone pulling at my hair as I lay in bed one night. Sometimes I would feel the bed jerk or even feel like a breeze roll over the bed when the air would be off and no fans were on or even a breeze outside.

A couple of years ago, we had to move in to their place to take care of my husband’s dad because his wife had left him and he was disabled. We had a daughter. She was four at the time. Sitting on our couch, which faces the doorway of the kitchen, you can see our big trash can. Instantly this pale-yellow blur went by, and it could not be missed up against the trash can. This spirit was going somewhere.

On the other side of our kitchen is another doorway that leads to the dining room down the hall. After I saw the yellow “thing,” seconds later I heard my daughter’s radio start to blare loudly. She came screaming out of her bedroom saying, “MOMMY! Something yellow just turned my radio up!” I knew right then what had just happened.

We purchased a camera and hooked it up to our TV to allow us to shoot film and watch it at the same time on the TV. We put in a blank tape and the guys started to work with the recorder, and from out of nowhere this voice from our TV shouts, “Stop it! Get out! Leave me alone!

It was a deep, slow, discordant voice, but we could clearly tell what was being said. We still have the tape but it does not carry that voice on it. We took it to our bedroom and put it in to see if it would do the same thing and it did not. I still wonder what that thing was?

Submitted by Ivy Bennett

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