Beware Room 10, It’s Haunted!

06 January 2017 | Haunted houses, Haunted locations, Poltergeist, Your True Encounters is a site to look for things to do and places to stay. The reviews can often be fun to read and sometimes, they can be very, very creepy too…..Here are some reviews of the Overland Hotel & Saloon in Nevada. It seems Room 10 may have a problem!

I stayed in the room across from room 10. I could hear heavy breathing coming from the hallway so I opened the door to realize nobody was there – not a single soul in the corridor. I went to room 10 and because it was empty I thought why not?

So I opened the door with anticipation. And I walked through the room. I felt a strange presence as I walked through to the bedroom. As if somebody was watching me. I turned around to feel to someone playing with my hair. I thought it’s nothing just forget about it. Until I decided to stay room 10 for the night. I thought it would be nice as the room was decorated nicer than my room. Instead, I woke up to a dark shadow hovering above the bed I was sleeping on. I couldn’t move and I felt like I was paralyzed.

So if u ever stay in room 10, God save ur soul.

Here is another review of the Hotel..

We loved this place. The room was spacious and clean, but dated. The staff friendly. The bar with pool table was fun on a saturday night. The best thing was the abundant thick towels. This place is a bargain! A bit of weirdness with some dresser drawers opening, the same way after bring closed and unused, but what’s a few ghosts among friends. Only one place to eat, get Hungry before 8 pm, but the food is good, we suggest bringing munches with you.

In this review we learn a lot more about Room 10.

ROOM #10 in the Overland Hotel has a POLTERGEIST problem!

My brother and I were on a road trip from Montana to Las Vegas & Phoenix, and decided to stop in Pioche, NV, to grab some dinner & try our luck at some slots. After some lengthy conversation with a very pleasant local woman, we decided to follow her advice and check prices for a night at the Overland Hotel. We met the night clerk, a Nevada Cowgirl, who was more than eager to visit with the two of us (Montana Cowboys) about the town of Pioche. It’s wild and rugged with a mining history & lots of things to see & do in the area. She was a clever gal. She suggested that we stay in the hotel that night, and seemed adamant about giving us room #10. When I said we might look around some more, she quickly honored our military service with a discount… for room #10. When I jokingly asked her, “Why room 10? What’s up with it?” she flashed a foreshadowing wicked grin, and replied “It’s a mini-suite with two separate rooms, perfect for two rowdy cowboys like yourselves.” We thought that was a pretty cool compliment, and the price seemed good for the extra space. Although the room was dated, with crazy orange “shag-a-delic” 70’s carpet, and had not been remodeled like the rest of the rooms in the hotel, we really had no complaints… That is… not until about 4:00am.

I was staying in the sub-room side of #10 that is without a door, and my brother was in the area with the bathroom and closing door. At 4:00am, I awoke to see a type of faint shadowy figure in the foyer between our rooms – it moved into and around my room, and then went back out. I was a little freaked & startled, but figured it was just my imagination… nothing to worry about; after all, I was really tired. Around 4:30am the door to my brother’s area slammed shut, and then what sounded like a small ruckus started to happen. I was pretty tired, and figured he was just moving his bags around looking for something he lost, or was just frustrated with my occasional snoring. Moments later, into my room bursts my brother, completely freaked out and clearly upset. He said a shadowy being came into his room, slammed the door shut, and then attacked him by holding him down on his bed with a pillow to the point that he couldn’t even breathe, let alone yell for help. He said he struggled and tried everything he could to break free, but couldn’t… until it finally stopped and was gone. I heard the ruckus and it was real. He was scared to death! My brother went through Navy Seal training, and isn’t scared of anything… but this time he was REALLY SCARED!

Believe what you want to. I don’t expect you to believe me or my brother. Room #10 in the Overland Hotel is absolutely haunted. We’ve debated about going back with some forensic cameras and EMF meters, as we are both photographers. The staff was courteous & polite, the room was a bargain, but we definitely got MORE than what we bargained for staying there. I’d recommend one of the newer remodeled “themed” rooms, they are VERY clean & nice … there is obviously an underlying ‘sinister’ reason why #10 hasn’t been remodeled yet. I’d avoid staying in room #10 !!

and finally, a more sedate account…

I never believed in Ghosts until I stayed here. I had to go to Pinche for business, drove in from Vegas and arrived tired. The staff was very nice, and the room was cheap and only 1.5 miles from my AM meeting. As soon as I unpacked my things, my high blood pressure medicine bottle flew across the dresser. I thought it must be static in the room, and picked it up and set it back down. Sure enough, it flew further across the room. Later when I returned from my business trip, I looked online and saw that this place has a history of “hauntings”. Some travel here in hopes of finding an odd experience, however, I was simply looking for a good night’s sleep!

I am not a “wacko” and did not EVER believe in Ghosts until I stayed here!

Submitted by G. Michael Vasey

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