The Woodworking Spirit

10 May 2017 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

In all the time I have done paranormal investigation I have experienced some of the strangest things. Some not so scary and some would make the hair on my neck stand up. Quite a few stories I can tell you would totally freak you out, but one story in particular, well, let’s just say would leave you wondering.

We had lived in an apartment for about 3 years and strange things would occur. Shadows moving in and out of rooms. Things going missing and turning up somewhere totally different. In this apartment there was a basement. I wanted to put a little workshop down there as I worked with wood for a long time and wanted to have a wood shop. Now I know some of you think basements are creepy! Well they are and I love having a basement still. I can do a lot of things in a basement.

As time went on, I slowly bought equipment so I could start making things. My wife, who loved Angels, often asked me to make her some. So I would and when I showed her, she fell in love with them. My daughter, she loves anything Dragon related. She would ask me to make her something out of wood. So one day I made her a 3-D Dragon drawing. I used 4 panes of glass and with each I would draw a little something on them. I then put the panes together and made a wood frame for it. She absolutely loved it.

I made her a plaque for her doorway that read, “In here, There Be Dragons.” She asked me to hang it up outside her door. I did and I must say, it did look good. Now as I gathered more wood for my projects, I noticed little things happening. Wood would be moved around. I know how I set up my wood because I had shelves and a place on the workbench for it. The wood on the bench would be somewhere else on the workbench. I asked my wife and daughter if they had been down in the basement, messing around the bench. They both said “No.” I said ok and went on with what I was doing. I placed the wood back where it was and did some more work.

The next morning before work, I went down and saw there were 6 pieces of wood that were on the floor. I thought, “OK, how did this happen?” So I picked them up and put them back on the shelf. I went to work and came home after a 12 hour day. I asked how things were here today and my wife said she heard something down in the basement. I said. “What did it sound like?‘ She said it sounded like some of your wood was falling off the shelf.

I went down and one of the shelves had fallen over. I have no idea how this happened. I know the shelves were strong enough to hold the wood. So I picked up all the wood and re-set the shelf and put the wood back. The next day which was a Saturday. My daughter was downstairs in the basement, changing her shirt. She had the shirt about half way on when she heard someone or something say….”Hello!” She said she ran back upstairs and slammed the door shut, she yelled out, “I hate that freakin basement“. She told me what happened and I said, “What did the voice sound like, Male or Female?” She said, Female. I asked, did it sound like an adult or a child. She said, “It sounded like a child.” This got me to wondering if this was the cause of all the things happening down there. So, I thought I would set up a voice recorder in hopes of catching a voice, maybe. So that evening, my daughter and I set up a voice recorder on the workbench. I set it to run for 10 hours, long enough to capture anything.

I set the recorder down at that night. The next morning, I got up, made coffee, made my wife and daughter breakfast. I went down after to get the recorder. I went back up and sat the recorder on the table in the living room. I got myself a cup of coffee and sat down, my daughter sat with me after eating her breakfast and we both started listening to the recording. About 20 minutes in, we both heard wood being shuffled on the workbench. Then after that, we heard wood being dropped on the floor. We were looking at one another like, “What did we just hear!” After we listened to the recording, I went down and saw wood scattered on the bench and floor. I called a friend of mine and told him what happened. He came over and saw this too. He said “If you want to see who or what is doing this, take some talcum powder and spread it by the workbench and out to where the stairs are. This way you will see who is doing this.”

So I did what he suggested and left the basement alone. The next day I went down in hopes of seeing foot prints in the powder but, nothing. So I left it alone and again the next day, I went down to see. Again, nothing. Leaving it still, I checked the 3rd day and found little foot prints in the powder. These prints were smaller than my daughter’s so, I knew it wasn’t her. Anyway if it was, she would have left a trail of powder leading upstairs. I told my wife and daughter what I found, my wife being the skeptic one said. “That’s nice.” My daughter on the other hand when I told her, she said, “I believe it.

Knowing what I knew and what was causing it, I left it alone. I felt this spirit was playing games with me and thought it was funny. About 3 months went by and my friend bought some new equipment and asked if he could try it out at my house. Of course I said yes and so, we set up all his stuff down in the basement. The place with the most activity. We set up, ran wires upstairs to the monitors and had my daughter man the monitors. He and I went back down with voice recorders and started doing EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena.) We did this for about 2 hours, asking all kinds of questions.

He said he felt something brush against him, he looked but nothing was there. We continued our session and then went back up. First we listened to the recordings. 15 minutes in, we hear this voice, plain as day, it sounded like a little girl’s voice. The voice said, clear as day…”Help Me.” We all looked at one another and chills ran down my spine. My daughter was freaked to no end. I called up to my wife to come down and listen, she did and she said. “That is a class A EVP. She wanted to listen to it again and she was elated that we caught something.”

So next, we watched the video. Nothing much happened until about 20 minutes in. I swear to you, this was amazing. We all watched as this light, moved from behind the furnace, go along the wall, come out towards the camera. As it passed the camera, the video jumped. My mouth was wide open at this time. I said, “Play it back!!!” We did and you could see what looked like a head and shoulders, moving towards the camera. I thought, “WOW, now that is something.” My friend who had never seen something like this was mesmerized, still looking at the screen.

To this day, I cans till see the image and hear the voice saying, “Help Me!!

Submitted by John Parrish to Weird Darkness


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