Grandad’s Practical Joke

31 May 2017 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I was 15 and I was at a birthday sleepover and we were all in the living room. At around 11pm everybody went to sleep but me. I was lying on the couch watching TV and eating. It was 2 am and everybody is still sleeping. There is a half wall that separates the living room from the other rooms and all of a sudden, I can hear somebody walking from the other side of the wall and I thought it was the mom or dad, but I remembered that they weren’t home. I was getting very nervous. I kept my eyes on the TV but I could still see out of the corner of my eye and all of a sudden I see a head peeking from behind the wall and staring at me. I was freaking out on the inside but looked calm on the outside. Then the whole body was standing there looking at me. I made out the form and it was a old man. All of a sudden, he started walking towards me. I threw the blanket over my face saying out loud “not real” and kept repeating it over and over. I could feel this ghost leaning over me and the next thing I know that it is trying to pull the blanket away from me. While this was happening, I took my leg from underneath the blanket and started kicking one of the girls and shouting for them to wake up. When the girl finally woke up the pulling stop. I said sorry to the girl for kicking her (lied to her) saying that sometimes I kick in my sleep when I don’t.

Around 9am everybody left but me. I stayed behind to help clean up and I told my friend and her parents what happened and they started laughing and I was getting mad. They told me it was the mom’s father and that he died in the back bedroom and that he like to play practical jokes and sometimes scare people when he was alive and when he died, the family started experiencing the weird stuff that happens with ghosts/paranormal. They told me that what happened to me was the ghost’s way to welcome me to the family. I never stepped inside her house again.

Submitted by Lori Niles as a comment to a Buzzfeed article

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