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08 June 2017 | My Haunted Life Toosdays, Your True Encounters

In this episode: A young boy wakes up and meets the Old Hag! (The Resentful Spirit Who Haunted My Childhood) *** Could you attend a school that was not only haunted by the ghost of a teacher… but also dead Japanese soldiers from World War 2? (The Haunted School) *** When you leave home for college, the last thing you expect to learn is about the paranormal – in your own sleeping quarters. (The Haunted Student Complex) *** A young woman’s life – and possibly her soul – may have been saved by the dog she was watching for a friend. (The Dog And The Shadow) *** Do ghosts have a sense of humor? One young man finds out – and doesn’t find it funny at all. (Grandad’s Practical Joke)

Featured in this episode from…

“The Resentful Spirit Who Haunted My Childhood”
Submitted by Fred Jones…

“The Haunted School
Written by Thomas Bauerle (From the book, “Kanashibari: True Encounters With the Paranormal In Japan”)…

“The Haunted Student Complex”
Submitted by Jane Donner…

“The Dog And The Shadow”
Written by Tatiana Philip-Thérèse Federoff as a reply to a Buzzfeed article.…

“Grandad’s Practical Joke”
Written by Lori Niles as a reply to a Buzzfeed article.…

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