A Visitation From The Great Beyond

05 July 2017 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This story has been on my mind for many years. I tried to dismiss it many times but eventually I got proof, of a kind, that it’s true.

I grew up in a large house in Rhode Island that my parents purchased from a married couple who had lived there for many years. I was about seven, or eight, years old at the time, and like so many young children, I would get scared and run through the house to my parents’ bedroom in the middle of the night to sleep with my parents. One night, just as I was about to enter my parents’ bedroom when I saw an apparition of a little girl appear in the doorway of the spare room at the end of the hallway several feet away from me. The apparition was a faceless blueish-white vapor in the form of a little girl, maybe three or four years old and wearing a short dress. She floated to the threshold of the spare room and stopped as if to see who was coming down the hallway. Terrified, I threw myself into my parent’s bed and under the covers. Of course, when I told my mother about my experience the next day, she thought I just had a wild imagination and dismissed it.

Many years later, when my mother passed away, I was visiting with my father. I was then in my mid-thirties. There were some strange occurrences in the house the night she passed away and we got into a discussion about ghosts and the afterlife. I told him of my experience of seeing the little girl apparition as a child and his expression changed and he turned white as a sheet. He told me that the old people he bought the house from had a little girl that passed away in the house from polio. I know I saw her that night.

Sheena Franks, United States


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