The Ghost Girl in the Old Room

23 July 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This story begins last Fall (2017), when my family decided to buy / renovate a house that had previously been abandoned for the last 19 years. This house was a quite large, 2 story farm house that had been built in 1871 and hadn’t been lived in since the late 1990s. At first sight, the house looked like something from a modern day horror movie with rooms that had collapsed ceilings and holes in the walls and floors, to whole rooms that had been sealed off with plastic wrap for who knows how long.

The house from the first time I step inside it gave me an uneasy feeling and I felt that something was watching me all the time. We started cleaning out the house and take out all the old garbage and stuff that well, wasn’t needed. The room I chose to make my own was the room that had been closed off for years. From the very start I felt drawn to the room, and I have no clue why, but that’s the room that I always felt the strongest presence. The room was one of the largest rooms with 3 windows facing different directions, and from the curtains and old room color appeared to have been a girls room. You know that feeling you get when you know someone’s watching you? – that room always gave that impression.

A few weeks into working on the house, we decided to take some photos of it from the outside. After looking at the photos, I swear that from one of the windows in my bedroom seemed to be the image of a little girl with long dark hair standing and almost staring out the window at us. I know for a fact that no one was inside the house at that time, and this photo it look so real. From that day on, every time I was working in that room, I would actually talk to the air half expecting something to answer me. To this day nothing has answered me, but I still feel that something’s there.

The photos not the only thing that’s weird about the house. In the basement, which is old dirt floor, we found what looked like an old string ragged Anne kind of doll and a few other old toys buried down there. Then there is also another room which is across from my room that had 2 doors, both of which mysteriously had extra locks on the door frame which me made it feel like who ever had that room wanted to keep something out. I don’t know if there is any real ghost, but I feel like something is there, and I’ve asked and search public records and even the old owners couldn’t tell me the history of the house, but if you think about it logically the house is from the 1800s and its not hard to believe that someone could have died there. I have continued to work on my room by repainting it and just basic work, but I still feel her there and I believe I always will. Maybe one day I’ll find out the truth about this house and until then I’ll continue to live my new ghost.

Submitted by Amber Vanosdol to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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