My Family and Our Ghosts

19 November 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I’m currently 21, and I know that my childhood house is haunted. Since I was little I had always heard strange things, weird noises at night and strange feelings when I was alone. But as I got older, I began to experience more.

Both me and my brother slept in the basement. My two sisters and parents slept upstairs. My grandparents on my fathers side had passed before I had gotten the chance to meet them. And recently we lost my grandfather on my mothers’ side. My fathers parents had lived in the house before my parents moved in. The year after I graduated high school, I took a year off to work and figure my life out. This was about 5-years ago.

It was a week after all my friends had left for college and my sister and dad had almost gotten in a car accident that would have killed them both. I was lying in bed, just woken up from the night and I rolled over and closed my eyes. I then began to hear foot steps on my hardwood floors. I opened my eyes and no one was there. When I closed them again, I heard the footsteps, just walking around my room. Skip to the next morning when I had just woken up again. I had a plastic grocery bag in the corner of my room, and again when I closed my eyes after waking up, I heard the bag crumble up, and it was tossed across my room. When I opened my eyes again, the bag was next to my bed. I had no windows open as my window was broken and couldn’t open at the time and all vents in my room were closed. That following night, I was laying in bed, again I had my eyes closed and was trying to sleep. I then heard a deep breath being let out, it was the sound of a man, maybe elderly, and I felt it, I felt the breath being let out on my right cheek, almost as if he was standing right over top of me when he let it out. I opened my eyes expecting to see my brother, playing a trick on me as we always tried to scare each other at night, yet I saw an elderly man, standing at the side of me bed, watching me. I freaked out and covered myself with the blankets. I then called for my brother and he came into my room and the man was gone.

The next day, I told my family about what I had been experiencing, and they didn’t believe me. Through the years there has been more close calls and losses in my family. My brother in a car accident, my dad falling ill and spending 6 months in the hospital, and the loss of our grandfather. I had also moved away from home to go to college. But it seemed that every time something would happen in our family, the strange occurrences would begin again. My sister experienced the sound of someone walking down the hallway, dragging something behind them while alone at the house. My mother had experienced the feeling of someone sitting on her bed at night and choking her right before my dad got sick. And again more strange noises. The most recent occurrence was a few months ago. Me and my boyfriend had made the trip home to visit family during easter. My grandfather had passed away a few months prior. While sleeping in my childhood room, I suddenly woke up, only to see a white figure in the shape of a man. I didn’t feel scared. He was glowing. I stared at it for awhile and eventually I woke my boyfriend up. When he awoke, he claimed he didn’t see anything, and the figure was then gone.

I had heard rumors that out house had been built on the spot where 4 men had died in a sewer. I like to think that it may have been my grandparents on my fathers side, checking in and making sure the family was okay. Or that it was my grandfather letting me know he was in a better place. I try and not think of any experience as bad, or of the spirits that may of been the ones that had passed, long before we lived there.

Weird things had also happened at my brothers house, he has recently built a house at our farmyard, and yes you guessed it another spot of a death years ago. It belonged to a man, who lived there with his wife and baby. Him and his father had gotten into an argument and the father came over and shot both his wife and baby. My brother and his girlfriend had experienced things falling off the wall, the sound of gun shots in the middle of the night, and the sound of people talking, yelling, and even a baby crying. We were there one night for a fire, and my brothers dog began barking and running into the trees, it was dark so we couldn’t see anything, but we heard people talking and the sounds of the trees rustling, we all ran into the house from there.

I don’t know why, but our family seems to always pick the spots where bad things had happened.

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