21 November 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

So, before my grandmother moved closer to where my parents and aunts and uncles live now, she used to live in a big, double house a few hours south of us. The house was huge, which made it a TON of fun for me and my cousins when we were younger and would spend the night. It was the perfect place to play hide and seek, or go on secret spy missions with our walkie talkies. However, the house had sort of an eerie feel to it, especially at night time. You know, that sort of..”man I really don’t want to look around the corner” kind of feel? Like going to be there?

Well back when I was younger, before she had her dog, they swore up and down that her house was haunted by a ghost named Matilda. Of course the kids weren’t supposed to know, as it would freak them out and they wouldn’t want to go there anymore. But my parents, who are skeptical of the whole paranormal ordeal, have some experiences themselves that they can’t explain. Once my mother was doing laundry while we were all down there, and she had this big clothes basket piled up full of clothes that she was carrying. Of course she couldn’t see where she was going down the hall, and full force bumped into something. She peered around the clothes basket to see if she had hit a stand or something in her way, but to her surprise the hallway was completely empty.

My father had an experience the visit before. He was in the computer room looking at old pictures of the family, when he caught something out of the corner of his eye. He could plainly see the door shutting, all on its own, in a room with no windows, meaning no draft. Needless to say he got out of that room fast, and when they packed up her stuff to move a few months ago, he had a horrible feeling of being in the room, like something was in there with him, and my dad is the biggest skeptic I know.

They’ve had some experiences when we weren’t there, including having the radio turn on at random times during the night, to which my Gram’s now husband had to tell Matilda to keep it off, and since then she’s never turned it back on. They’ve also had police show up multiple times during the night a few days, saying they got a call from the location, but nobody there had rang for them. And once they had a horrible leak from their upstairs bathroom that had caused water spots on the ceiling in the kitchen, but when the plumber arrived and checked things out, he said none of the plumbing had anything wrong with it, and that he couldn’t find a leak, or any water for that matter, anywhere in the bathroom.

I’m glad she moved out of that house, I never dared to get up during the night, for fear of what I may run into. I never understood why they named her Matilda either, until I came across a newspaper in their attic while we were going through it one day, that had an obituary in it for an old woman named Matilda who had died there.

When they got their dog however, all of the activity had stopped. I guess she’s more of a cat person.


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