The Woman in the Chair

10 December 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I have always had a vivid imagination as a kid. Often times, I would see and hear things that were unexplainable, but I would just brush it off. However, there were a couple of specific experiences I had as a little girl that I will never quite shake. They had frightened me to my very core-and to this day, at the age of 26, I still have an uneasy feeling in the dark. That dead silent dark when you’re in bed, wide awake and it’s just way too quiet in the house. The only thing you can hear is your heart beating like a drum from your anxiety. You hope and pray you’ll start to fall asleep soon and drift into a blissful dream state. But that uneasy feeling never really goes away.

That is exactly how I felt when I had my first supernatural experience. I was about 4 or so. I was staying at my grandmother’s house that night.

She used to live in this small one bedroom apartment that was on the bottom level at this retirement complex. She still lives in this apartment complex, just in a different unit now. This old apartment was nice- small but spacious enough for my grandma. It had a small cute living room that led out into a tiny yard, which then directly led out into this bigger courtyard that the grandkids visiting their grandparents could always play in. My grandma’s bedroom was really small and that’s where she usually slept, but since I was staying over that night, she slept in the living room with me. She had two big black couches with a pull out bed in each of them- perfect and comfortable enough for the two of us.

We finished eating dinner and watched some TV for a bit. I drank my milk and ate my cookies, then went off to my brush my teeth.and then it was bedtime. My grandma sweetly tucked me in right after and gave me a kiss on the forehead. That night had been so wonderful and everything felt so normal- but little did I know that something would end up changing that in a few hours.

My grandma gets into bed and turns off the light. Dead silence. It felt especially dark and dreary that night. I remember the apartment being a little too stuffy that night. I hear my grandma start to softly snore, watching her silhouette softly rise up and down in the dark. She was sleeping so peacefully. I, on the other hand, was an anxious wreck who just couldn’t bring herself to fall asleep. At one point, I did somehow manage to doze off. A few hours later I woke up- I think at about three in the morning.

I had this very uneasy feeling I that couldn’t explain. I was facing the kitchen side while sleeping and my back was turned to the living room and my grandma. Something told me to turn around and look behind me. When I turn around- my heart stops. My eyes go wide. My breath feels like it’s frozen. I feel paralyzed. What I see in front of me- I truly can’t comprehend this time, especially as a small child.

I see a random woman sitting there- about an inch away from me. She is sitting on my favorite little white stool I loved to sit on all the time. She is staring at me, exhibiting this strange jerk or wave-like movements. One thing that really got me was how transparent she looked. Even though I could clearly see her in detail- it looked like the dark light was passing through her. As I looked at her, I also saw all of the objects behind her that people would normally block from my view. She was literally sitting at my bedside. Still smiling.

“Hmmm”, I thought. “This is weird. Did my grandma forget to lock the door? Did one of her crazy neighbors get in? Who the hell are you and why the hell are you in my grandma’s apartment watching me sleep?” So many thoughts went through my head at that moment. This lady did not give off any evil energy, however, nor did she look particularly mean or threatening (not that this makes it any less creepy). Strangely enough, I felt in my gut that she probably wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. She was old and small- and had displayed a very grandmotherly essence. Pretty harmless if you ask me- but then again you never know. She had shoulder length grey and white hair- and a very gentle smile on her face. She was staring directly at my eyes- like she was gazing into my soul. Since this was so long ago, I don’t remember exactly how her outfit looked- but the colors that really stand out to me are black and red. I know for sure those were the colors she was wearing but I can’t remember if it was a black shirt and red pants or the other way around.

Anyway, she and I just stared at each other for a few minutes. I was speechless. At one point, I decided it’s time to turn my back to her and go to sleep. I just knew she would go away and leave me alone without causing any trouble. And that she did- I woke up in the morning as nothing happened. She was gone. Grandma woke me up for breakfast and everything went back to normal. I never saw that woman again, but that would not end up being my last paranormal childhood experience. And this was certainly not the most frightening.

To this day, anyone I tell this story to laughs and scoffs and people don’t believe me. But all that matters is what I know in my heart to be true. This happened. I remember her vividly, and I will never forget her.

As I type this, my heart is starting to beat faster and my fingers are starting to shake.


Submitted by Masha

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