The Lost Boy

21 February 2019 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I have always been tuned in to the paranormal. Telling ghost stories to my friends for a laugh. But it has been something I struggled with for as long as I can remember. The experiences I’ve had with the paranormal weren’t all good either.

This particular story I am about to tell always intrigued me because the boy I saw just seemed lonely and lost.

It was 2010 and I had just turned 14. My sister, mother and I were moving to a new house. I didnt see the house untill the day we moved in, but even as we pulled up into the drive I told my mum this house is haunted. She looked at me and laughed and told me I was silly. It wasnt scary to look at, it was a nice looking house with a pretty hedge lining the front yard.

We moved in and my sister and I got seperate rooms. The experiences started not long after. At first, it was a quick shadow in the corner of my eye or a feeling of being watched. I couldnt even take a shower without feeling uncomfortable.

The first time I saw him involved my mum.

My mum just got out of an abusive relationship and I still had this feeling he may show up. This will explain my reaction at the time. I was in the house and I wanted to talk to my mum. I looked everywhere for her in the house untill finally, I decided to go outside to the detached garage. The garage door was open up to about knee high length. I was about to call out mum when I noticed a pair of male legs through the garage door. He was wearing beige pants and running shoes. Certainly not my mum or sister. I freaked out as I thought it was my mums ex. I bolted inside, ran to the kitchen, grabbed my mobile phone and a knife. My mum could be in the garage with him I needed to be ready. I ran back outside and faced the garage door.

“You better get out right now and leave!, I’ve called the police” I yelled.

A few seconds later a hand grabbed the garage door and pulled it up. My mum was standing there very bewildered.

“Whats wrong? Why are you yelling?” She said

I looked around the garage and then walked inside looking behind every object.

“He’s here with you isnt he?” I said

My mum had no idea what I was talking about so I explained what happened. She calmed me down and said it was just her and she was tidying the garage. I looked at what she was wearing a skirt and thongs and I was shaken. Who had I seen then?.

Maybe a week past and I was in bed. I had the door open and my mum was up watching tv so I felt safe and settled enough to sleep. I awoke to a boy looking at me. He was leaning over and staring straight at my face. I was shocked and I think the fact I was staring at him shocked him also. He looked surprised and stood up holding his hands up his palms facing me. I sat up and screamed out mum. Even as I screamed he stood there looking at me hands up, backing away towards the wall. My mum came to my door and asked me whats wrong. I could barely get the words out “he’s behind you” As I said this he disappeared through the wall. I could see every detail of his body and face to the point I wasnt sure he was a ghost until he disappeared through a wall.

Not long after this, we moved out. My mums ex found us and we had to leave. We went to the home owners house to drop off the keys and he invited us in. My sister and I stood in the lounge room as my mum and the home owner chatted. There were pictures on a book shelf and thats when I noticed the boy. It was him the boy I kept seeing. Blonde hair, pale skin and lanky maybe 17 or so. I didnt say anything untill I got back in the car with my sister and mum. I asked my mum how the chat went and what they talked about. She said he mentinoned his son who passed away from cancer a few years ago.

So thats my story of the lost boy I lived with for a short period and I still to this day 10-years later wonder if he’s still in that house, lonely and lost.

Submitted by Courtney Anderson

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