A Paranormal Stench?

19 March 2019 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

It was 2005, in a decent house on a military base in North Carolina, with my then-wife when things started getting weird for me. I had been married for about 2 1/2 years at this point. Things were not at there best between her and I. There were a number of things that happened in this house in the 2 years I was there…. I’ll start at the beginning.

Summer 2005: I had just returned from a tour in Afghanistan. I was getting ready to leave out again the following month. The day I arrived home from tour #1, my wife and I were talking. She was telling me about something strange that happened a few times while I was gone:

About once a week, she would be woken up from a deep sleep, in a cold sweat. The bedroom was completely dark with the exception of moonlight pouring in through the window. I guess so she says, it would be really cold in certain “spots” around her. Only a small area on her body would feel it. Like a chill to the bone. At any rate, she says she could see a silhouette (sp) of a person, of average seeming build, maybe just under 6 ft. tall standing next to the bed, with its arm above its head, as if it’s about to strike her with something. She would pull the covers over her head and that would be it.

When she told me this, I was very skeptical of it, telling her that she was probably dreaming. Not that I never believed in this sort of thing, but why haunt her, I wondered…?

Cut to a few days later, I was just getting out of bed and we were on our way to the store to grab some groceries. I went to the downstairs bathroom and it reeked. Just absolutely stunk. “Light a candle next time, will ya?” I said somewhat jokingly. She replied back “I haven’t been to the bathroom yet. Probably the plumbing.” So, I called the plumber. Flushed the toilet a few times, sprayed half a can of air freshener and lit a candle before leaving.

We get home an hour later and I had completely forgotten about this smell until I walked in the door of the house. Now, the downstairs bathroom is there as you walk in the house. I immediately remembered the smell from earlier and went in the bathroom to check it out. Maybe it was backed up? At this point, I didn’t even want to believe it was anything else. I had read and heard all the stories. Cold, bad odors etc are connected to paranormal…. what, activity?

I went in the bathroom, the candle was still lit, but the stench of whatever was in there overpowered it. I tried air freshener, but that seemed to just make things worse. We put the food in the kitchen and left. I called my friend up who had mentioned before having some experience in the paranormal. I told him what was going on, went to his house and we had dinner there. He then went back to my place with me and walked around my house. The bathroom and bedroom, according to him, were very cold and something was in there, that didn’t like us. Particularly, my wife. This is of course, not a professional opinion. Just my friends, who could have been humoring me. I’m still unsure to this day. But I do definitely believe something was there, because…

Two nights later, we were laying in bed asleep already. It was past midnight and she woke up. She shook me and told me that person was there. Right next to her. She was scared. I just wanted to sleep and mumbled something along the lines of “It’s just a bad dream. Go back to sleep.” I put a what-was-to-be comforting arm around her and felt something strange. Just a dot, or a spot, of cold that started in the middle of my hand. As I moved my arm around her, the spot stayed in one spot, her chest area. That being, its “gaze” never shifted from the one area on her chest. It was a piercing cold. I didn’t look up because I didn’t want to see it. But I knew she wasn’t just having a bad dream. I pulled her in and told her it was going to be ok.

I left two weeks later. She was gone when I got home the next time, so I have no idea how things were while she was there after I left.


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