The Creepy Crawlspace and A Haunted House

21 March 2019 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

When I was much younger, in my early 20’s, we rented a small older home built in the ’60s. It was rundown…but cheap, and we were able to exchange doing repairs for lower rent. Being young newlyweds with 2 small sons age 2 and 7 months, it was an ideal situation at first.

The first few months were fine but then things got crazy quick when I explored the home’s crawlspace one day after hearing some noises coming from down there. It sounded like an animal, so I opened the floor hatch and popped my head down there with a flashlight and looked around. Immediately as my light illuminated the cold damp darkness, I got the chills. Inside the crawl space was an old ratty piece of carpet, and on it was a bunch of items that looked as if someone had been living down there. A quick scan revealed cans of food, an ashtray with butts, diaper bag, children’s toys, and old dusty clothing were sprawled out on the rug. This crawl space only had about 3 ft of clearance, basically enough to crawl and sit hunched over. The smell down there was horrid. A sense of dread came over me so strong as if it hit me in the face as soon as I saw what was down there. I shut the hatch and called my husband because I was a little spooked about all the strange items and noises down there. I thought maybe a bum was living in there or something.

My husband came home early. He went down in the crawlspace, checked it out and said there was nothing but spiders down there. He said everything down there had probably been there for at least 20-years. I felt better, but not for long. The next night as I tried to go to sleep I heard scratching, like nails clawing the hardwood coming from the foot of my bed. My husband was already snoring so I tried to ignore it and thought it was just my imagination or something normal making a sound and I was being silly. Then I started hearing a gurgling growling heavy breathing sound along with the scratching. At this point, I am terrified and start jabbing my husband with my elbow but I can’t wake him despite jabbing him hard enough I worry I will bruise him. I mean I hit him hard and shook him and begged him to wake up. It’s like something prevented me from waking him. I was too scared to get out of bed and turn on the light so I pulled my covers up over my head like a 5-year-old and prayed it would go away. This went on for hours until I fell asleep as the sun was coming up.

The next morning, I invited my friend over for coffee and started to tell her about what had transpired in the last 24 hrs. My 7-month-old was asleep in his bouncer in view of where we sat at the table. Right before our eyes, as we are discussing it, the bouncer starts bouncing by itself. It had no batteries in it and no possible way it could be bouncing and yet there it was gently bouncing. My friend said aloud ” if someone is doing that can you bounce it harder?” I said “No! Don’t encourage it.. especially with my baby in it!” Before I could even finish the sentence the bouncer began to bounce so hard I thought it would bounce him out, or at a minimum wake him. As I strode across the room toward my son, my friend who at this point was white as a sheet yelled: “stop!” You could almost see the strain it took to slow down, but it did and came to a complete stop as I swooped down to pick up my sleeping baby.

A few days later sitting on the couch watching tv, my cat who is calmly purring next to me, suddenly jumps up to the back of the couch, tail straight up, every hair electrified and eyes bugged out in a way I didn’t even know was possible… cartoonish almost. I followed her gaze and saw a dark smoky haze cloud moving quickly toward us before I could even figure out WHAT it was, it was enveloping us. It was like walking into a freezer the air was so cold. Then it just disappeared as quickly as it came. The fear I saw on my cats face that day makes me very happy I couldn’t see what she saw. That night I told my husband we needed to move, he doesn’t believe in nor experienced anything supernatural but he knew I wasn’t making it up or imagining it either and I also had a friend as a witness.

We gave our landlord notice and moved out immediately. We told him what had been going on and he said he had heard rumors about the previous owner being a very mean nasty man who was especially cruel to his wife and children. After hearing that, I felt such overwhelming sadness thinking about the items in the crawlspace. Did he force them down there as punishment? Or did they hide from him down there? I guess some things are better left unknown.

Submitted by Amber


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