Unwanted house Sitter

05 June 2019 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This story happened about 11 years ago. I live in the San Francisco Bay area and I had been at the job I’m at now for about 2 years. My boss had asked me to house sit and watch his dog for him while he went out of town for 3 days. I agreed to do it and went over there kind of excited to hang out with the dog and have a couple beers at his nice house which at the time was a major upgrade from my parents house.

The first night started out as expected, a few beers, a movie and chill with the dog. So now it’s time for bed. The guest room where I was to stay was the last room of 3 in the hallway next to the garage. As me and the dog lay down to unwind and get into bed, I start to look at my phone and as I get tired I turn, put it down and turn off the light. This is when things start to happen. The room door was open; I remember this detail as it has relevance the next night. After a few minutes of laying there trying to sleep, I hear a thud in the hallway. Almost like someone or something hitting the wall as they walked by, but no footsteps. I couldn’t tell whether it was from the garage or the other side of the door headed towards the rest of the house, so I brushed it off as maybe the house settling. Back to sleep. 4-5 minutes pass and again the same noise. Thinking maybe there’s something in the garage like a cat or raccoon I get up and check and nothing, and I probably shouldn’t have done that because now that scenario is checked off of the list of possibilities of what the hell this could be. It keeps happening and I just try my hardest to ignore it. Just heavy thuds against the same spot on the wall in the hall. It happens continuously all night every few minutes. I somehow fall asleep and go about my day at work forgetting as the day goes on.

Night 2 arrives and I remember as soon as I get in the car and head over there. I pick up where I left off; a few beers, movie, the usual. Time for bed and this time I shut the door. This would be my biggest mistake. So I’m laying in bed, the dog is next to me and the door is shut. I’m laying there and like any rational minded person I’m thinking of reasons to explain to my self what caused the phantom thuds the night before. I soon realize that it’s totally quiet. Great. It was nothing. About 15 minutes into laying down (as soon as I found the relief in the fact that it was “nothing”), someone very aggressively tickles my whole body. I say tickle because of the way the hands were on me except this wasn’t a tickle fight. This was a “get the hell out of this room” or “you shouldn’t have shut the door” tickle. I jumped up faster than I thought possible turned the light on and it was over. Grabbed the dog, threw on my clothes and drove out of there as fast as possible. I wasn’t even sure if I locked the door, but I did not care there was no way I was stepping back in that house.

I still have no idea what was in that room with me but I do know that it did not like me and did not like it when I shut that door. The message it sent was well received. I haven’t been back to that house since and I didn’t stay for the third night. I still work for the same guy and as far as I know he has never experienced and paranormal activity in the house.

Submitted by Mike Trigueros to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too


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