Demon Intruder?

17 June 2019 | Haunted houses, Your Stories

One afternoon when I was about 10 or 11 years old, my mom and brother had left to run errands and my dad was outside working on our car. My sister and I were playing tag inside of our home. My sister tagged me while I was in the living room and she ran back into our bedroom. As I was walking back to our room where she’d ran, I heard a loud bang on the wall thats between the hallway and kitchen. This wall was not an area that could be accessed easily without moving our huge stove, refrigerator or dutch oven, so I ran our room and slammed the door behind me. I told my sister I thought someone was in the house and we pressed ourselves against the door because we didn’t have a lock on our door. We heard footsteps slowly making their way down our hallway to our room . We saw the shadow of two feet in the space between the carpet and our bedroom door, and we could hear heavy breathing then the door began to push open. My sister and I pushed back with all of our strength and we were both screaming and praying that whatever was on the other side of the door would not get in. It felt like we were struggling with the door for awhile, but I imagine it was only about 30 seconds or so when everything just stopped. No more struggling with the door, no more breathing, no footsteps leaving or heavy breathing. My sister stayed up against the door while I went to the window to call my dad into the house. Keep in mind, there are only 2 entrances to our home, the front yard, where my dad was, and the back door where our super protective dog was. In addition, we lived in a very active neighborhood and this was sometime in the early afternoon where quite a few people were outside and no one would be able to get in or out of our home without my dad, neighbors or dog stopping them. When my dad got into the house, and we told him what happened, he was completely spooked because all of the entrances, exits and windows were locked. It appeared no one had been in or out of our home at all. He checked all the closets and cabinets in the house. He checked under all of our beds and behind all of our large furniture. He found nothing.

We don’t know for sure what entity was messing with us that day, but what we do know is that spirits can get attached to items. About a week earlier my brother bought the Mortal Kombat soundtrack and it had some pretty morbid song titles, so my parents threw the soundtrack out and we didn’t experience anything weird after that.

If anyone has experienced anything similar, please let me know. If it could’ve potentially been a friendly spirit I would like to know how to contact it.

Submitted by Tiffany Smith

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