Playing with the Devil

22 July 2019 | Old hag, Ouija, ouiji boards, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I was very young, very lost, confused and didn’t have a lot of support growing up. I was an only child and was passed around from family member to family member. Not saying I was the perfect child. I just didn’t have the best people to guide me.

I was raised in the church, I mean 6 days a week and some weekends always in church. I didn’t want church, I didn’t want to be with all these different family members. I wanted my mother. Who for some reason or another was never around. I started acting out in school. Stealing, fighting ect. Finally my mother decided to send me to my aunts house. As if that wasn’t enough to add on to the stress of a teenager but she was the type of aunt that stayed in church 7 days a week. If there were 10 days in a week we would be in church. I swear I was mad at the world for being left. I went to a garage sale one afternoon with my family and bought a Ouija board. I bought it and took it home. I placed it under my bed. I became more excited about using it, but had to wait until my uncle and aunt left the home. Had they ever found that Ouija board before then (TROUBLE!).

One night I wanted to fool around with summoning a demon to help me. I never thought things would happen like they did. Instead of using it at that time, only because my aunt and uncle were home. I used chalk and drew the 5 or 6 point star on the carpet. I then drew a circle around that. I sat in the middle with one black candle to the side. I began calling the devil to help me. I didn’t know what I was doing. I don’t know if my aunt could hear me or not but the minute I finished and pulled my area rug over the sign she came in my room and told me it was time for bed. I had begun getting ready for bed the same way I do every night. I never got rid of the chalk marks and days went by. Nothing happened.

On this night was the night that changed my views on if the devil was real, or if there was really something out there that was unexplainable. I came home from school everything is great. The day goes by just like any other. Its getting close to bedtime and this is when everything changed for me. I thought playing with that damn ouija board was a joke. It’s not. I played with it that night with my cousin. It was close to bedtime as I said before. I put it up and my aunt comes in and says “lights out.” I do that and prepare myself for dream land. Unfortunately that is so far from what took place.

I laid there dozing off. As I was falling asleep, my eyes were closing I felt this heavy weight on my chest. It felt as if something or someone was sitting on my chest. At this point my eyes are wide open. I’m looking around the room completely terrified because there is nothing there, nothing I can see. I tried to scream, nothing but a light whisper. Everytime I opened my mouth to scream it felt as if, again something or someone was squeezing my throat. I could NOT move. I could NOT speak. Ok I had this picture of Diana Ross, signed with a glass cover on it and gold knobs. Pretty much a case to keep it from getting destroyed. I loved Diana Ross as a kid, teenager. This is the part that devastated me. The reason I believe demons are real. As I laid there in that bed unable to move. That picture of Diana Ross began to move and I don’t mean shake on the wall. I don’t mean swaying back and fourth. Diana Ross began to step out of that picture and as a leg approached she began to change. Her face became long and her mouth became teeth. When her head came out of the picture it had horns.

The most terrifying day in my life and the only other people who knows is my mother and my aunt. I laid there not being able to move. I don’t know if it was god who told my aunt to come and check on me but she found me not being able to speak or move. Immediately, she grabbed her bible got on her knees and prayed. It never happened again after that night. Till this day I will not touch, play, be around even talk about a damn ouija board.

Submitted by Kia

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