The Christmas Visitor

09 September 2019 | Audible Activity, Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

When our kids were younger, my mother in law lived in a small apartment built onto to our house. We were her main caregivers and she was a big part of our life. Sadly she passed away unexpectedly after about 10 years, right before Christmas. She loved the holidays and was an amazing baker so I knew our kids, especially my daughter, would miss helping her make Christmas cookies that year.

One night about a week after the funeral, I was having trouble sleeping and decided to work on packing up her place. I got caught up in my task of cleaning out the closet and the next thing I knew it was ‪3:00am.

My sister in law had already made a lot of progress on the bedroom that day and let me know she removed all the jewelry from a small dresser so it could be donated. I wanted to call it a night but kept having this nagging feeling I should go through the dresser that held her jewelry one more time. My sister in law is a very thorough person so I felt silly thinking I needed to go behind her and double check but the nagging feeling only got stronger. Finally, I gave in and began checking the dresser from top to bottom. Every drawer was empty until I got to the second to bottom one. I stuck my hand all the way to the back and felt something with the tips of my fingers. As my hand closed around it, and I began to pull it out, I got a strange sensation, almost like a cold chill. I quickly pulled my arm the rest of the way out of the drawer, turned my hand over to discover that what I had found was a child sized charm bracelet. I looked closer and was surprised to see my mother in laws name engraved on it. At that exact moment I clearly heard what can only be described as a cookie sheet being hit with the palm of a hand in the kitchen. The clanging sound came 3 distinct times about 2 to 3 seconds apart. Strangely, I wasn’t afraid of hearing the noise, only curious to figure out what it was. I looked for my mother in law’s cat thinking maybe it had knocked something off the kitchen counter, only to see it asleep on the chair across the room. I walked into the kitchen fully expecting my husband or another family member to be there, thinking they were checking up on me or playing a prank. No one was there. The weirdest part was that the kitchen was completely empty. We had boxed up and moved out all of her baking supplies including the cookie sheets. There was nothing that could have made the clanging noise I heard. I checked the rest of the apartment only to realize I was completely alone. That’s when I got spooked and quickly left.

As I headed up to bed I realized I still had the bracelet in my hand. It suddenly dawned on me that maybe my mother in law was using the sound of a cookie sheet to get my attention and let me know the bracelet was for the granddaughter who loved to bake with her. I quietly crept into my daughter’s room and put it in her jewelry box. Before leaving I gently kissed her forehead and whispered that her grandma loves her to the moon and back just like she used to do every night.

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