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12 September 2019 | Alien Abduction, Haunted houses, Time warp, UFOs, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I have always had a deep inner knowing. As a child I could always guess people’s names and know things. I have messages in my dreams and they have come true. I was always drawn to witches and the supernatural.

As I grew up, I decided to go to a psychic to find out what all of this meant. I always felt different and from a different time or place. When I went to the psychic she told me I was a witch in a past life and I was hung and that is why I don’t like wearing anything around my neck. I froze for a moment because this is true. I never did like anything to right on my neck and never turtle necks etc. She went on to tell she knew I was always drawn to witches and that I was a natural. She said I was a healer and in a past life, I was into using herbs to heal people. She told me I was an indigo child and a writer that was meant to write books. She also told me that I met my twin flame.

I went back to her house a few more times. And on one occasion I gave her a ride to the hospital to see her Aunt. As we were driving home from the hospital, we were on a dark country road in New York. I think we were near Camden and it was near a farm. All of a sudden we saw lights in the sky. She swore she saw a spaceship and I think that is what I saw, it all happened so fast. Then I dropped her off and went home. She called me and said that she remembered the whole night except for the last hour of our time together and I thought about and she was right, it was the strangest thing and neither one of us could explain it. This was 7 years ago.

I feel like lemony snicketts. My life has been a series of strange and unusual events . A year after that I was working with a paranormal society. A medium was working with the crew and I asked her if she sensed anyone around me. She senses my grandmother and uncle that passed away. She told me that my uncle wanted to apologize for scaring my daughter when she was two, he was just watching over her and she could see him. I remembered this, my daughter always complained of seeing ghosts and not wanting to sleep when she was little. My uncle and grandmother said they watched over us. Then my grandmother told the medium how she was beaten up severely by my grandfather and that she did not commit suicide like he told everyone  but that he killed her. The thing is I never thought she killed herself and neither did my mother. I was only three when she died but I always had this feeling that she didn’t do it and here was a psychic telling me what we thought all along. My grandmother then said the reason she was telling me this is because I was around some toxic men and she feared for my life. She said I would end up like her if I did not change my ways. Every single thing this woman said was all true. We can’t prove that my grandfather killed my grandmother as this happened over 40 years ago. They never even did an autopsy on her. My mom said that was because my grandfather worked for the police.

I didn’t take this warning seriously enough though last year I was severely attacked and almost killed by my ex. Since then I have changed everything in my life and I take everything very seriously. It also reminds me of the first psychic that I went to. She also said I always had died in the past by the hands of a man.

I have been healing this past year. On social media my name is Kelly Maida ! I am on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Kelly Maida

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