House on the Hill

28 October 2019 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

In 1986 I was visiting my mother, my older sister and my new step father in Cicero, Indiana it was in the country with nothing but corn fields for miles with one small town that contained a gas station, Dairy Queen, small grocery store and video store. I lived in San Antonio, Texas with my father, so this being out in the country like this was new to me. This would be the first and only time I visited at that home. The home in Cicero was big and on a lot of acres, there was a lot of room to roam, we had horses, and a man made pond.

One morning I remember being in the kitchen and my sister and I over heard my mother and step father talking about a house on a hill that was haunted and bad things would happen to anyone who went on the property. Apparently something happened to someone in town that went there. “they were told never to go there so it’s not like they weren’t warned” my step father said referring to whoever they were talking about.

It was maybe a week later and my sister and I were driving into town to get something from the store when my sister pulled onto that property with the house. I told my sister that I didn’t think we should be there, and she said we had nothing to worry about it was just a house. It was a two story brick home that had been neglected for a very long time. There was not really a driveway just an open area to park. We got out of the car and went around the house, nothing seemed scary or weird, just a run down house with a few broken windows. I remember thinking if someone fixed this house up it would be really nice. I walked behind the house and there really wasn’t a back yard but rather a steep drop off that lead into a wood area. I looked further out and that is when I saw a man with dark hair just standing there looking at us. The man was wearing what looked like a florescent vest, like you see road workers wear. I really didn’t think anything about it being from Texas it was not uncommon to see hunters wear the same type of gear so they are not shot by other hunters. I know it sounds crazy, but it happens. The man turned around and went back into the wooded area.

By this time my sister and I had seen everything we wanted to see and left. That night everything was normal until we went to bed. My sister and I each had our own rooms located on the second floor both of our bedroom windows were off the front of the home which faced West. We slept with our windows open because the house was not air conditioned. It was around 2:00 am and my sister comes into my room visibly shaking she woke me up and said come here look at this, from the hallway if you were facing both our bedrooms if you leaned to the left you could see into my sisters room with the window being right in front, if you leaned right you could see into my room with my window right in front. When I looked into my sisters room her curtains were going crazy like a wind storm was outside, but when you looked into my room the curtains laid flat, no movement at all. My sister proceeds to tell me when she woke up there was a native American Indian man at the foot of her bed. ” He didn’t do anything he just stared at me” she said after she said that the curtains immediately went flat, no wind. My sister and I were so scared she slept in my bed that night.

To this day we still talk about that weird incident and still do not have any clue what or why that happened, but in the back of my mind I know it had something to do with us going to that house on the hill.


Submitted by Mona Thompson to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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    1. This doesn’t sound scary; it’s a strange encounter. I don’t say that the man could not a ghost or the like, but he could be someone living on the other side of the woods!

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