Death in the Basement

03 February 2020 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I have 2 stories for you, well they are not mine they happened to my mother in law when she was younger but both she and my father in law have told me the stories for years.

My MIL grew up in an old house in Pennsylvania with a cemetery right behind her house and a church beside her. There were 5 children in total with her brother dying at a very young age from something I can’t remember right now. But anyway, their house was 3 stories and it had a basement, main floor and upstairs. The basement had the laundry, main floor had the kitchen/living room/ bathroom and the top floor had all the bedrooms. They always had at least one or 2 dogs in the house and most of the time they were English Setters that were very loyal and very obedient. She said the dogs always went with them to the basement with no problems and would lay at the bottom of the stairs until they were done with laundry and then would leave with them. But this time they couldn’t get the dogs to go down there at all not even with treats. So her and her sister went down to do the laundry as usual, but as they were down there the basement got extremely cold, almost so that they could see their breath and as they are folding clothes there is a horrible smell of straight death and rot that fills the air. She said it was unbreakable and they ran up the stairs as fast as they could. She said that she looked at the clock as they told her mother what was happening and it was about 9:30, her mother and father went back down there and could not smell anything, and everything was normal. But the next day she said that her father came in the house and said that the neighbor that lived next door had died the night before and the coroner had placed the death at about 9:30. Mom always told me that she felt that it was Death passing through their house to get to their neighbor.

Her second story happens a few years after this when she is already married to my father in law and they are living in a small house a few towns over from where she grew up. My MIL was friends with a lady that claimed to be a psychic, she believed in a lot of those things and I guess when you have weird stuff happen to you a lot, you kind of have to. But anyway, she said that this lady would come over for coffee sometimes and they would talk or play cards or just hang out. But that when she came over there was always problems in the few days after she left. Her and my FIL said that they were constantly having to turn the gas stove off because it would turn on by itself, not light completely but just the gas would be leaking, and you could smell it. They said that they even bought new stoves and it would only happen after she came over and then not happen again until the next time she visited.

Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Kelli Bryant

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