The Haunted Students Union

09 March 2020 | Haunted houses, Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

When I was in college, I had got a job working as an administrator of the Student Union at my school. Being that I am an administrator I would have to close the building.

This building is on a campus of the oldest school in the state. It was used to draft soldiers for the Union army back in the Civil War.

There were stories about people seeing ghostly figures walking up and down the hallway of the rooms on the top floor of the building. And, some other eerie things that would occur. It came down to the point that my boss would use the budget for our division to replace all of the locks.

One day I was in the office on my laptop when a man and woman came in. (It wasn’t uncommon for mother and fathers to be on campus, especially towards graduation. They had been renting a room upstairs because their son/daughter was graduating and they were attending the ceremony).

To get back on track, they stopped in and wanted to be hospitable. They asked me who was in the room next to them. They had seen a couple walk down the hall and enter a room. They had wanted to take them out for dinner. I asked them the number of the room so that I can look it up in the registry. When I looked in the book I didn’t find any sign of someone being in the room. I mentioned this to them and they looked a little shocked, and needless to say I was too. After they left, I went to our lock box where we keep the room keys, and sure enough the key was there.

I grabbed it and went upstairs to key into the room. As I opened the door the room was vacant. No signs of anyone ever being in that room. Maybe they saw what everyone else was talking about. Maybe they saw what was haunting our Student Union.


Submitted by Jason Miller to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too.

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