Burning the Ouija Board

18 May 2020 | Haunted houses, Ouija, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This dates back some years ago, when we had to move to Orange Texas and we had a house in Logansport, Louisiana. My dad got a phone call that the house in Logansport had been broken into and so they went up there to check out what had been messed up our stolen or destroyed. So, when they arrived, they started going through things and seeing what all was missing and cleaning things up. While cleaning things out of my sister’s room, they found an old Ouija board that was given to her when she was a young girl (she was in here mid 20s when this happened) by a step aunt that gave it to her one year for her birthday.

As my family is very religious, my dad decides that he’s going to get rid of it and he had always heard that if you threw it away, they would always return back to the owner, and so he decided that he would burn it.  He went up to my grandmother’s (his mother) house to find the stuff to burn it with. He commenced to lay it on the ground and tried to light it with a match and the match went out. He then went into the garage and found some charcoal lighter fluid, he proceeded to pour it onto the box and tried to light it, needless to say it wasn’t lighting. He used almost a whole bottle and a box of matches, but it didn’t work. So my dad being a believer in prayer, he began to pray asking God for help and guidance. He walked back into the garage and found some lawn mower gas and took the lid off the box and laid the board on top cross ways and filled the bottom of the box with gas and a bit on the board as well, then began to pray and struck a match, and held it to the board.

Gas usually ignites from the fumes but he still had to hold it to the board as he prayed. The board began to burn in the center not on the edge where the match was, so he and my sister backed away as the board was burning and without warning the fire exploded straight up into the air 15′-20′ with a loud scream coming from inside the board. Louder and louder it screams and the fire goes into the ground with a rumble and then smoke as black as night blacker than an outer space void. It began to scream and moan, and moved toward my dad every direction he went the smoke came at him. He even put the wind at his back and the darkness followed him until with one final scream it was gone. The board and box were gone.

Well, they came home to Orange Texas and we went to church the next day and everything is good – so we thought. When we got home, we got out and walked to the house and none of the keys would work on any of the 4 doors we had that we could enter into our house. My dad thought of the one door that lead to the kitchen that was not in the best of shape. He could just bust in and replace it later. So, my dad proceeded to push on the door to gain access and when you push on things they tend to fall away from you but as he pushed on the door the window shattered out onto him like something was thrown out of it. We go inside and my dad feels like something is on his leg like running down his leg so he sits in the recliner and removes his slacks he wore to church and blood was pouring out of a wound on his leg that he never felt any pain from. It had bled so much you could pour the blood from his shoe like you were pouring a drink. He had no snag in his slacks, no blood on any glass, no meat from the wound ( by the way it was 2″-3″ long an 1″ wide and at least 1″ deep  – that is not just a cut), so we bandage him up and try to make the best of the rest of the day. Little did we know it was the beginning of a lifetime of hell on earth.

The demon house is what we called it. We had no way of moving because we had rented this place from my step grandfather because my dad’s job relocated him where they needed him, so we lived with it for best I can remember another 5 or so years till we were older and out of school. My dad will not talk about it to this day and he is in his 80s. When I ask or even mention the incident he begins to pray and walks away. My sister is the same way.

I have learned to deal with a lot from spirits, shadow’s, dreams, and even demons. I’m 46 as I write this to share with you. Funny how I can see these events play in my mind over and over but I can barely remember my own birthday sometimes. I’m a preacher now and have been for about 5 years. Still have things happen that I talk to my dad about and more to share if it interests you at all from dreams of being crucified by demons to my house burning down just last year and the things that happened in that house before that day.

It feels like I’m reliving each moment as I type them on my phone. So I’ll type up another episode or maybe tell all that happened, but that will be a long long book.

Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by the Rev. T. Wheless


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