A Ghostly Twin?

20 May 2020 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I worked the second shift so I would come home around 12:30am. Being a father and husband, I would always check around to make sure things were right and tight before going to bed. One Friday night, I was looking out the door when my wife who was sleeping on the living room futon with our five year old daughter clutched to her neck, suddenly looked up at me and asked,”What’cha you looking at?” I replied to her that I was just making sure things were okay.

We lived in a large one-bedroom side of a duplex home that I had purchased before I met my wife. It got a little crowded when my oldest daughter came to live with us after her mother, my first wife, said she needed a break and brought her in one day, but we made do. As I got in the futon, I glanced down the hallway and saw a flash of light as if someone had taken a photograph. I thought my oldest and her best friend, who we’ll call Salina who came to spend the night, maybe got out of bed and were playing around. I got up and went to see but, when I looked in the bedroom, both girls were sound asleep. I thought maybe it was my father who lived in the other half of the duplex but, when I got to where I saw the flash happen, there was no one around. I just blew it off thinking the end of the week fatigue was playing tricks on me, so I got into bed.

The next morning my wife asked me, “Why were you and Salina looking out the door last night?” I replied, “Salina? What are you talking about?” My wife then told me when she saw me looking out the door, she saw Salina behind me looking over my shoulder.” I assured her Salina wasn’t with me and told my wife she was probably tired and just thought she saw her behind me. We didn’t really pay it no mind at the time.

A few weeks later Salina came over to spend the night again, and as usual I came home at 12:30 and did my rounds before going to bed. As I crawled into the futon with my wife and youngest. I once again saw a flash of light, but this time it was in our kitchen only about 10 feet away from where I was and where I know no one was at. I blew it off thinking I should see an ophthalmologist soon.

The next morning was a Saturday. I guess it was about 9am. My oldest and her friend Salina went to the mall because that’s what young teens did back then. My wife was making breakfast while my youngest was watching her Saturday morning cartoons so I thought I’d go watch tv in the girl’s bedroom. I had just gotten comfortable laying down in the lower bunk of our daughter’s bunk bed when I hear movement on the top bunk. I look up to see an area under the top mattress come down as if someone were sitting on it. I thought maybe my youngest had somehow climbed onto the top without me seeing her do this. Thinking I had a little wanna be ninja, I got up smiling expecting to see my youngest daughter, only to view something I’ll never forget.

I stood by the bunk bed looking at the top mattress with an obvious depression in it, but no one was there! Completely mesmerized, I stood staring as it stayed like that for about 20 seconds until it came back up and leveled off. For some reason, the first thing that came out of my mouth was, “OH COOL! DO IT AGAIN!” I didn’t feel frightened, I didn’t sense any malevolence nor benevolence, it was just weird. Salina had some life changes after this, so she never stayed over again. Nothing ever happened again after she stopped coming over.

I thought of that incident for some reason after years had passed. My oldest had gotten married and had a couple of kiddos when I told her about it and asked her if maybe Salina had a twin that may have passed at a very young age. My daughter just sighed and said, “Not that I know of dad but, that would’ve explained a lot.”


Submitted by LJ to weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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