Don’t Close the Door!

24 August 2020 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I’m a 17 year old girl and am always looking to make some extra cash as teenagers do. A family I will refer to as the Will’s for privacy reasons, live down the road from my house in a pretty thick forest. They have a long gravel driveway they share with two other nosy neighbors, but they leave me alone for the most part. Anyway, the Will’s are a big and very kind family that enjoy going on small trips together. They go on a pretty regular basis and they usually ask me to watch over their chickens and cats while they’re away. They pay pretty nicely too: 40 to 80 dollars on average depending on the length of time they’re away. A very kind amount, if you ask me. All I had to do was let the chickens out in the morning and let them in at night; managing their food and water as well. Then I’d feed the cats in the morning and night as well. The feed for both are kept in the garage by the back of the house right by the front door.

The time of this story was Thursday morning around 7:15. It was my last day and I wanted more than anything to go home and crawl back in bed. I spent some time with the two kittens and went to the garage, coming back with their food. Of course, I went back for the chicken feed and scooped up a good amount. The cats like to run into the garage when the door is open so I made sure to close the door behind me as I was walking out. I had the handle in my hand and was facing away from the door, closing it as I left. But as I was ready to fully pull in shut, I shit you not, the handle was ripped from my hand and the door swung open, hitting the opposite garage wall with a bang. My heart stopped instantly and I turned and stepped away staring at the garage in awe. Whatever had just happened scared the morning sleepiness right out of me, but whatever did do it definitely didn’t want me to close the door.

After a minute or two I slowly walked over to the chicken feeder and poured in the grains.I surprisingly hadn’t spilled in the grass… but I never took my eyes off the open garage door. I was walking back to it at a distance but before I got a good look in side I heard a small scuffle. It was a sound similar to shoes quietly scraping across concrete. I stopped again and noticed even the cats refused to enter through the door. After enough time of silence had passed, I built up the courage to toss the scoop into the bag and quickly shut the door, jogging back to my bike on the gravel driveway. I finished up everything else and was ready to make the bike back home, but on my way, I continuously looked over my shoulder. The feeling of being watched from the dark, dusty garage window while I left was unbearable. Now before you think so, no it was absolutely not the wind. It was a quiet and shadowed morning and there was barely a breeze. It couldn’t have been loose hinges because that door is very old and has to be pulled shut to be fully closed. Even if possible loose hinges, there is no way that would cause that much force to pull the handle from my hand and hit the wall. I’m not so sure where I stand when it comes to the existence of paranormal happenings. But this was something that I really couldn’t explain to myself.


Submitted by Patience

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