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25 August 2020 | Haunted houses, Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Okay so here is my story.

At least the best that I can remember it

This is long sorry.

Before I start the story, you need to know I have been told I am what they call a medium and that ghost are very drawn to me. If you don’t know, a Medium is some who can interact with the spirit world, at least that is what the internet says. I never really investigated what people called me because I never believed it.

I have had several encounters with the paranormal in my life, but this is the one that has always stuck with me the most.

When my husband and I first started dating we lived in my old apartment together.

At this apartment, I swear to you, there was a ghost or a demon or something that lived in the house and sometimes in the woods behind it. (There were also some kind of weird as creature things in those woods but that is a story for another time.)

When I first moved in, I lived with my mom, dad, and little brother. At first, I thought this ghost was a little boy named Sam, who I swear on all things holy, I could see just as clear as you and me. He was a small boy, probably around the age of 9. He had curly dark hair, blue eyes, and he wore one of those old looking sailor suits that boys wore around the 1860s? I was told by him that he died in 1864, on the spot where the apartment now sits. According to him there used to be a tree there and his father had hung him, his sister Elizabeth, and their mother Mariah from it before shooting himself in the head. I have never heard that story before, living in that town my whole life you would have thought that I would have heard something about that story, but I never did. I ignored that though, thinking nothing of it. I even have a picture that my older brother caught that looks like a person covering their face. I also found a bunch of random post cards in my closet that I swear to you were not there before, though some of them dated back to 1909 so I don’t know if those had to do with Sam or not. At one point, I saw a white full body shadow walk from my hallway into the kitchen and it terrified me.

A year or two passed and my father had passed away from cancer. A few months after he died, I could have sworn I saw my father around the house, I could hear him cough, I could hear him talk. My mother even told me she would hear him call her name, hear him sneeze, and she saw a black shadow on our porch. I ignored it. I never told anyone until now about seeing my dad because I thought they would just call me crazy. The whole time I was seeing my dad, I never once saw Sam. That struck me as strange, but I ignored it.

The first terrifying experience I had was when my two brothers and I went into the woods to look for the Thrashers’ nest (the name we had given the creatures in our woods. Again, a whole different story on its own). After we found what we considered the nest, we were searching around the area and we had found the bottom jawbone of what seemed to be…a child. My older brother picked it up to examine it. After he did, I started to hear the screams of a child. I passed it off as the neighbor kids. We started heading back into the woods and we started hearing things following us, we knew it wasn’t the thrashers because they only came out at night, we concluded they feared sunlight, so we stopped. (I must add that all of this was on camera and I wish to god that I could find the phone we recorded it on. This will be important later.) My older brother picked up a stick and started swinging it around trying to scare whatever was there. He swung it in front of him and it broke over thin air…this wasn’t a weak stick either. It was a strong, dry, branch so there was no logical reason it should have broken. We ran away from that spot further into the woods until I stopped dead in my tracks because I felt somebody pull the backpack I was wearing. I told my brothers what had happened. They started walking towards me and as suddenly as they started, they both flew back as if some force had pushed them. They both flew a good foot or 2. I ran to where they were, and we all heard a scream. This is where the camera comes into play. We all sat there for a moment, catching our breath. I panned the phone around and noticed by one of the trees there was a some kind of deformed looking face staring at us. I couldn’t see it in real life, but I could easily see it on camera. After that we left the woods, and I never went back in.

After a while I stopped seeing my dad and started seeing Sam again. A while passed and my mom and brother both moved out. I met my husband, Jordan, who was just my boyfriend at the time, and he moved in with me. After he moved in things got…strange. He told me there were times when I would talk to my two glass dolls I had, or just sit there and stare. I do not remember any of this. This next thing I am going to tell you, I still have nightmares about to this day.

One night while my husband was asleep, I was laying in my bed and staring at my bedroom door. I laid there and watched as my door would just move slowly back and forth. After a few minutes of the door swinging I saw what looked as though a smoke-filled body shape walked into my room. I wasn’t scared though and got out of my bed and followed it into my hallway. I stood there and watched as the shape came closer and closer to me until it was inches apart and then…I felt two large hands wrap around my neck. I could feel my body fall to the ground and couldn’t breathe at all. I could now see through my tear-filled eyes that the smoke shape had turned into this dark looming figure with bright red eyes. I tired with all my might to scream; yell do something to wake my husband up, but I couldn’t make sound. My eyes started to go black and I could feel myself passing out. Suddenly…it stopped. I yelled for my husband and he ran into the hallway to help. I told him what happen as I watched the dark, red eyed figure watch us from the doorway to my kitchen.

After that I didn’t believe the ghost in my house was a little boy…I didn’t even believe it was a ghost. I didn’t know what it was though.

One night my husband and I were sitting in my brothers’ room (I refused to go in my room after a while). He was playing his PlayStation and I was talking to my mom and reading. Suddenly, I had the urge to take a notepad and start writing. I wrote a lot of things, mostly things about what my mother was doing that I realistically couldn’t not have known. All the while, I didn’t feel like it was me writing, it felt as though someone had a hold of my hand was forcing me to write. After a few minutes, whatever it was forced me to write the name Charles over and over. I figured that must have been the demonic entities name. After that I don’t remember much else except I moved in with my husband a few weeks later. When I still lived in Newport, I would sometimes walk past where that apartment was, and I could still feel whatever was there…

Submitted by Brandie Campbell to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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