Who’s That Knockin’ at the Door?

22 September 2020 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My mom was sitting at the kitchen table, up early as usual. The time was around 5 am. She sat reading her Bible while puffing on her ever present cigarette.

Our house was an old parish as the church was catty-cornered across the street from us. It had been a one bedroom house with a front and back porch. As our family grew to three boys and three girls, my dad had added on to the house and enclosed the porches to become part of the house and added two new bedrooms with a basement below (as my mom was very scared of tornadoes).

Where the back porch had been enclosed it was made a part of the kitchen. As you were sitting at the table you could look down the hallway and see right into the added on bedroom and the bed within it.

Right off of this bedroom to the right and on the hallway wall, was the door going down two steps to a landing and then you turned left to go down the stairs to the basement. Directly across from the door to the basement was a door leading to the outside.

Now people who did not know us would always go to the front door, which was facing the street we lived on. People who did know us would always go to the back door, which was around the corner on the right side of the house underneath a carport. Ten feet beyond that door was the door to the basement, which was inset slightly and not as noticeable, if you didn’t know it was there, especially in the dark as there was no light over that door.

I’m trying to let you know the exact layout of the house so you can envision the scene as I tell you what happened that early morning as my mom sat at the kitchen table smoking her cigarette while reading her Bible.

She heard three knocks at the door, not from the front door, not even from the back door, but the knocks came from the basement door. She didn’t get up to answer it, because she just figured it was my brother’s friend, Leroy, who ran a newspaper route with my brother, Chuck.

After a couple of minutes another three knocks at the door. Getting a little perturbed because my brother still hadn’t answered the door, she went to my brother’s room and woke him up and told him that Leroy was here and to get up.

She went back to the kitchen and proceeded to read her Bible again. Another few minutes passed and again three more knocks. She was upset now and just hollered down to my brother (a distance of about 25 feet) and said, “Chuck, get up and answer the door, it’s probably Leroy!” My brother answered back that he had gotten up and went to the door and no one was there!

The knocking stopped. Later Leroy finally showed up and they went on their newspaper route and when questioned, said it was not him that had knocked on the door. We never found out where the knocks came from. Although this wouldn’t be the last time strange things happened in that house.


Submitted by Janeen Lasswell to weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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