The Entity and a Decade of Poison

26 October 2020 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

April 2010, I find myself thoroughly injected in yet another hopeless, mundane, uneventful day in deep east Texas. Twenty-two years old with more life experience than most could dream at that age, though little evidence existed to support that claim other than the slide reel of countless memories ever rotating in my mind. At this point, I am approaching my 4th wedding anniversary however it wouldn’t be smiles as she was residing for a prolonged stay out of state, I’m staying with a friend and his wife attempting to find some financial stability. They were kind enough to let me work out what I had needed and provided me a room to make my own out of an old art studio in the rear of the house. The couple that owned the home were old friends of mine whom I had introduced, and my best friend whom visited often as well was a mutual friend of all from way back.

This home wasn’t built in any traditional fashion. It appeared to have been built in sections. You would stand at the entry door which was covered by an awning, to your left the garage door, enter the house and you’re met with a massive kitchen/pool table room that occupied the area in front of you and to the left. Walk straight and to the left you are in the living area, as you round the open bar into the living room there is a door to your left leading into the master bed room effectively at the center of the house, through that room to the right is another door that leads to the old art studio, make a left through the door and you’ll find yourself at the French doors that lead into the garage aforementioned. The old studio was a narrow room but ran the length of the home and above was a quad panel skylight. and a waxed and sealed concrete floor. My sleeping area was made into a nook near the door leading to the master bed room. At the far end of the room opposite of my bed was another bed used for other over-nite guests as this house was often filled with friends and family from all around.

On many occasions my best friend would join me on cooking large meals for everyone during the afternoon when it was usually just him and I at the house awaiting the arrival of the “evening crowd” that was usually expected to start trickling through the door in the later evening time. On one of our many cooking expeditions in the middle of the afternoon on a hot bright day we began to understand we might have at least one more guest in the home we couldn’t see. In the middle of the bar sits an empty bowl ready for flower, big, bright green, plastic bowl, as my best friend and I sit at the kitchen table and talked, as we are both looking at the bar area of the house, the empty bowl rockets up into the air as if tossed by a child or with a light throw, it lands upside down on the floor. Our intense stares met each others as inquiring minds wish to know if we had both seen the same thing. We had. Neither of us scare easy and are quite aware there are spirits in the world so while it was a surprise for a moment, we quickly chalked it up to a spirit in the house. We complained more about it not picking up the bowl than anything though we did so in jest.

My best friend and I did debate for a time about the presence of a spirit in the home as the home was fairly recent construction and there were no deaths in the home, however the land may have been another story as the area had seen its fair share of activity during the Civil War, though we’ve found no connection. The kitchen incidents happened a few more times over a course of a few weeks. They only happened, so we knew of, when him and I were in the house and no one else was home.

Nothing more of any real note happened, that is until the night that led me to eventually write this. On the night in question it was much quieter than usual in the house. The owners were home, I was home and a mutual friend was staying over. We had played some video games as usual then unlike usual had all chosen to retire early. The owners had went to bed around 11, the friend around 11:30, I was the last in bed at around midnight. The events that followed have forever changed my life in many ways.

I had fallen asleep rather quickly that night to find myself in a nightmare of sorts. It would take a little while before I would begin to understand it was, in-fact, a nightmare in so many regards. I had never in my lifetime experienced a dream or nightmare that took place in a real place. To be honest I’m not completely sure I was asleep, not in any traditional fashion anyhow. I awoke in my dream/nightmare just as I would have awoken otherwise, in my bed, in my room, in the dark, light of the moon shining through the skylight, though something was quite different. At the far end of the room right about where our friend should be sleeping was a figure, one that encompassed the entire end of the room. The thing I would describe as I felt, was some kind of intelligent being. Something of the paranormal with out a doubt. It floated in place, the edges of it wavy, moving fluid like water but at the same time like a blanket blowing in the wind, similar to an eel moving through the water. The outline seemed to be lighter than the rest, almost white. The rest of it was dark but not pitch more like floating energy, opaque in nature. At the top was what I can only describe as the hood of some sort of cloak, with no definitive lines. Then I recall looking straight at where I might expect something like a face to be, but it was just pitch black and that is when I promptly felt fear run through me like I was hit with defibrillator paddles. A strange feeling as I hardly scare at all and nothing much surprises me. It seemed to stare back at me and it felt like a predator looking at its prey. I could see no face though I felt as though I knew its every facial expression. The staring contest seemed to last forever though it was most likely a matter of seconds but what I felt was pure, raw, fear. Then out of nowhere at what I could only describe as the speed of light it jettisoned across the room up under the the blanket I was under and I felt it there with me and I felt nothing but raw terror and this moment seemed to linger forever as I was frozen in fear then as I began to scream…I awoke.

That is when things began to get strange. I have never seen, experienced, or heard of anyone being in that type of state in a nightmare or any kind of dream and NOT startle awake. When I awoke I was sitting in my bed at the foot, facing the wall with the ledge with my alarm clock, legs crossed, in PERFECT posture. I never sit in even good posture. My eyes did not fly open, they opened slowly. My clock read 3:00 AM in bright red numbers. I took note of this as we had just had a conversation earlier that week about how there is speculation as to the actual “witching hour” I was notably shaken by these events. I quickly got out of bed and threw my blanket on the ground and scurried to the end of the room checking on our friend, he was fast asleep, the rise and fall of his chest let me know he was ok. I exited the bedroom quietly through the master bed room and into the living room. I wanted to leave, wanted to go as far away as possible but little money for gas and my old truck wouldn’t fair well for long so I just sit there on the couch staring at the black screen of the TV the pole lamp the only light on in the main part of the house. Then to my surprise the owners soon after emerged from their room. The one I had just quietly slipped through minutes before. I did not expect to see them as they both slept soundly most of the time. He was groggy as was she though she had the bed comforter wrapped around her tiny frame which had to have been five times her size. Now note it is every bit of 75 degrees in the house as it is outside. We all sit in silence for a few moments as they seem to gather their thoughts. He noticed me just sitting there staring at the blank TV screen and inquired as to if I was alright. I remarked I wasn’t sure, something I can’t explain just happened to me as I was still reeling from everything. He then put out his cigarette and began to tell me how he had a vivid nightmare which was notable as he hasn’t recalled a dream or nightmare since he was a child. She was freezing cold, the tips of her fingers were actually blue and again its 75 in the house. So I shared my experience as best I could. We all sit in bewilderment for a few moments when our friend emerged from the back room. We asked him if anything happened to wake him as he is usually impossible to wake for at least 8 hours once he is out. He said no but felt an overwhelming feeling that he didn’t want to be in that room. We all gathered on the couch and turned the TV on and let the drone of some movie put us all back to sleep.

I moved into the house that my wife and I had built soon thereafter. I often wonder what life would have been like, how different it may have been if that night had not happened, but that question has only recently come to find poise on my mind as that is not the end of the story. Nothing seemed to be different after that, not me. I’d tell the story to anyone interested but other than that life was just back to the normal day to day. As time went on I seemed to be living my life to the fullest, or so I thought. Tensions began to rise between my wife and I. We both found ourselves with other partners along the way, and much more damage to the foundation we had built our marriage. Finally we separated. We both contributed but I made the decision to leave for someone else. I’ve since remarried, however, after some hardships I found my mental health declining as well as my physical health. Suicide attempts, self loathing, pushing my spouse away constantly. My life, my thoughts, my whole being was as dark as a soul can get. I was one of the goth kids in high school, sure. I had experienced more hardships in life before my 18th birthday than most, sure. I always handled those things in stride though, always had faith and hope. I had lost all hope, all faith, all direction, all my will to carry on. I felt as though death could come any time and that would have been perfect.

Around this time I had started to discover Podcasts, it was a great way to drown out the noise in my mind. Shortly thereafter I found this podcast. I found it to be the first entertaining thing I had experienced in a very long time. I told my wife about Weird Darkness and she jumped on board with me, as much as she loves most of the subject matter here I think she did it just to support me in any way she could as she was worried sick about my state of mind, rightfully so. We branched out and started watching paranormal shows like Paranormal Lockdown and somewhere along the way she mentioned we had never considered using sage in the house. I felt so drained all the time and had complained to my co-workers and friend that something was wrong with me. I didn’t know what but I wasn’t myself and hadn’t been for a very long time.

We ordered a sage kit and started with doing the body and aura cleanse. Now for you skeptics out there let it be known I had no reason to believe using sage or anything else would help either one of us in anything, it’s just a burning plant. She wanted to try and I figured it really can’t hurt, at the least it will smell good, but some part of me was on board with the idea. So as she started with me working from my lower body up I began to find myself in a place that was hard to describe somewhere between bliss and pure exhaustion. I could barely speak as if each muscle movement in my body was heavy, however I felt the most relaxed I had ever been. I couldn’t tell you or her why though I asked her to go over the area of my head again. As she did my face felt really hot all of a sudden then just as quickly just pure relaxation. She told me, almost in a state of bewilderment, that my face muscles were relaxed but showed all the signs as if I had just tried to pick up something beyond my ability and put all my might into it, you know how your face will get red and puff up just a bit then it takes a few moments for everything to settle back out. In that moment for the first time in as long as I can recall I felt great. I felt uplifted, I felt light, I felt like I had energy, I felt like I could smile, not something I had done in a long, long time. So I followed up by going over her, nothing of note, however we both kept drawing our attention to the master closet. She has been sensitive to spiritual activity all of her life, much more so than I ever have. She said we needed to finish the house cleanse right then and there but I would have to do the closet as she felt terrified of whatever was in it, the closet she goes into daily with no problems, but I understood as I felt it too. We opened the one window nearest the closet and as worked my way through the closet something unpleasant whisped by me to what felt like straight out the window, the cat and the dog hissing and barking out of nowhere as it happened, the dog ran to the window the cat ran under the bed. We shut the window and for the first time in a decade I felt like myself again. Much like some pains we don’t notice till they’re gone.

I didn’t understand till that moment something stayed with me that night and like a daily dose of poison it slowly began to take my will away, my hope. I still don’t know what it was I came into contact with all those years ago, I don’t know why the sage seemed to work or how I knew once the thing was gone that it had been with me the whole time. I keep searching for better answers but all in all I’m just glad to be back to myself thriving with my family and hoping my ex wife had found happiness and healing since me. I only know how to tell the story as I experienced it, and I know I felt compelled to share it here today. Hopefully it will help someone else in some way.

Submitted by Joseph Morris to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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