Cleansing of the Russell house

14 January 2021 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

It was exactly two years since we last investigated the dark Russell house. I got a call from Chuck that the house was finally being cleansed. I told him about 6-weeks before that if he was having someone check out the house, that I would come back. Just to make sure they were legit. I was going back to the Russell’s home….after all that darkness we felt and experienced. I was going back, and with my now wife pregnant once more, she did not come with. But, my partner in the paranormal field, Andre did come back with me. We arrived at the house a few minutes before the team that was cleaning the house arrived. The home felt off. Like it knew something was coming for it.

The paranormal group arrived. The took down Andre and I’s estimate from past experiences there. They then begin to get a feel of the home. One of their team members was a medium just like the owner of the home’s wife. There is a cabinet in the kitchen where a weird black substance forms…that same room that caused my team  and I so much Darkness. They confirmed that area was bad juju. Andre and I began to feel sick, like the house was starting to attack. We told Chuck that we trust these people, and we leave. Truly one of the darkest places I’ve been.

About 10 mins after leaving, we get a call from the home owner. His wife arrived and they began exorcism of the home…but whatever the dark spirit was…it was clearly attached to her as well as the house. Andre and I felt sick. We then hear screaming, and we are told Chuck’s wife is throwing up, yelling at everyone, and breaking things. She was possessed. We hung up and eventually arrived back at my house. Chuck calls us again to tell us that after everyone got sick, and hours of blessing…the house was now clean. We say good, and we wish him well. We really do not like that home.

Flash forward…we find out the team had to return once more. As the dark spirit came back with a vengeance. Things got even worse than before with Chuck even being hurt. But finally, the evil in that home was stopped. As of today…the activity is non-existent. The family is now free. I still think to myself to this day I’m glad we didn’t stay for the cleansing of the home. I’m glad they are better. I love them like family. But I don’t think I can ever go back there.


Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Randy and Luigi

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